Direct Marketing Definition, Products to sell from home, Selling products from home
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Direct Marketing Definition, Products to sell from home, Selling products from home

okay so another option for you is to get in
direct sales that just means that you become the middle man okay, so like if you go to Walmart or Target or somewhere and you pick something up, you’re paying retail price for
it and out of every dollar you spend Walmart might keep fifteen to twenty percent maybe.. you know, so twenty cents and they have to
turn around and pay their manufacturers a portion, they have to pay for their advertising and then they have to also pay the distributor now, Walmart might not be a good example, because they’re so big, they basically work directly from the manufacturers so, they are in direct sales I suppose, and then we’re their retail client, so, basically you wanna step in the shoes of Walmart, alright that’s what direct
sales is. you can essentially find a variety of
companies to work with where you get your product directly from
the manufacturer and then you turn around and you resell it, and the difference
between that is your income, you know and basically if you’re gonna have an e-commerce
store that’s essentially what that is, okay.. your becoming a direct sales person, you’ve just got to be very careful to make sure you’re not purchasing from a distributor right that’s the difference
between really effectively direct selling and then to sort of being an additional retailer so you’re really
just bumping up the final price uh… and unfortunately a lot of times you
price yourself right out of markets so, I have a few tidbits of information that might
be helpful to you if you’re thinking about doing direct sales.. i’ve got a few resources that
you can kinda tap into um again, e-commerce and direct selling… it’s kind of one in the same and um… so i’m gonna list them together
direct sales slash e-commerce here because if you try to get into–you can just get into just straight dropship e-commerce um… but that’s kind of a pain and it’s uh… you’re gonna have a very difficult
time because the markets are so flooded with people that are already do that so it’s hard to kinda get your leg- you know get
your foothold into uh… a certain niche unless you can find something that’s not overly saturated and enough keyword research and things of that nature will allow you to do that, so if you’re kind of thinking about e-commerce and/or direct sales then click on
this link and check out the next video but don’t forget guys to come back and look at the amazon sales video ok ’cause if you’re thinking direct
sales online that’s not like.. ’cause some direct sales like
“direct sales companies” and the way that you can sell their
stuff online uh.. they have a variety of uh… what do you call it they have a variety of rules i guess you know that you have
to abide by when you go to promote or sell their things online so sometimes agrivating.. but anyway so if you’re thinking about e-commerce or direct
sales watch the next step but again.. make sure you check out that Amazon video.. beacause, Amazon being as large as they are super huge and for me having an e-commerce styled business i’m not all about packing and shipping, packing and shipping, packing and shipping.. handeling all that stuff and dealing with customer service, etc. uh… it’s crazy.. Amazon is a fantastic option.. because if you have the money
to invest in your product then you can essentially put your business on one
hundred-percent complete autopilot Amazon can litterally run it for you but you need money to do that so if you don’t have any money and you don’t feel like you could get a loan or really kick-start any kind of early textile business in a big way, even with 5 thousand dollars or something.. then go ahead I woould start with the direct sales if e-commerce is really where you plan on going.. and then plan on scaling it up so that you can do Amazon because long-term you don’t want to be married to your e-commerce business or tied down
with that everything that we try to do here.. we try to get residual leveraged you know um.. business models because long-term you
don’t want to be working 80 hours a week because then you are just self-employed
you’re not really business owner and it’s very difficult to move into
that investor category long-term if you never get yourself out of that self-employed
marina.. and if you dont know what that means, we’ll talk about it more in the next step but that’s essentially
what diret sales and e-commerce is…

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5 thoughts on “Direct Marketing Definition, Products to sell from home, Selling products from home

  1. That is not what direct sales mean.  There is a huge misconception out there about direct sales.  DIRECT SALES MEANS THAT THE END CONSUMER BUYS DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER!!!  When there other distribution channels involved, like other companies or affiliates, distributors, etc there is not a direct sale anymore, is just sale.  You should consult an actually Marketing course before you give out definitions.  And by the way:  for their own products Walmart is direct seller, for all the other products is just a distribution channel.  I have a degree in this field, so I know what I am talking.  What we do is actually called "Affiliate Marketing".

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