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Direct Media Buying | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Another option you have for
paid marketing is to directly buy ad space from websites, or
more easily, from ad networks. There are some websites who can sell
you their ad real estate directly. But in most cases, you’ll use an ad
network or an ad exchange platform to buy ad space and target your
audience in the most relevant websites. These networks are using today’s
technological platforms that allow both advertisers and publishers to optimize
their buy or sell, accordingly. These platforms are called DSP and SSP. Demand side platform and
supply side platform. A demand side platform allows
advertisers to engage in transparent automated media buying across multiple
sources using unified targeting, data, optimization, and reporting. The platform helps the ad buyer
to aggregate all this data and find the most ideal impressions for
a campaign. A supply side platform helps
web publishers automate and optimize the selling of
their online media space. Check out the instructor notes for
a great glossary.

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