Discover jobs beyond degrees – Find your true calling with future ready digital skills
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Discover jobs beyond degrees – Find your true calling with future ready digital skills

After completing my degree in software engineering
I decided I would not do coding for the rest of my life. I took up a job of an analyst
in a software company. Every day I would see people working hard, amazing products being
created, but that would not see the light of the day. Why? Because there was a gap in
marketing. eCdemy was recommended highly by a friend
and I seized the opportunity to be a student once more. Module by module, I learnt the
art of online marketing. Every day we would learn tips & tricks and the best practices
to run successful online campaigns. Facebook, the world’s most popular social
media platform is my absolute favourite when it comes to advertising. You know it is the
only social media platform with user base ranging from 13 year olds to 80 year olds.
And what makes it a paradise for marketers is the fact that you can target audience based
upon their age, gender, location and even behaviours and interests! Wow!
Sometimes you just have to push yourself out of the roles defined by college, degree or
society, in order to find your real interest. Now, with the skills that I have, I am sure
that we can market our products online more effectively.
Digital marketing is the need of the hour, no matter which industry you come from. So in my class there were teachers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and even homemakers.
Personally I believe creation is important but being able target the right audience is
much more exciting!

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