Discover The Buyer Uncertainty To Unlock E-commerce Sales
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Discover The Buyer Uncertainty To Unlock E-commerce Sales

And there’s a lot of stuff that we have
teaching people on the mentorship people about uncovering those anxieties and finding
those main anxieties and those main objections and also the main aspirations
that people have around that product that you need to communicate
over that period of time. And because we’re dealing with people who
are distracted you know, we have to show them the same message a few times during that window. It’s not like, you know, if I said to Ian,
Oh, you know this, this furniture has got these new special joints on the corners,
so therefore it’s a lot better than the imported ones because it’s made here in
Britain and it’s got these, and it’s very solid. We might have to show Ian that, three
times on the remarketing stack for them to actually get the message, and we all
would have to do it very visually. So that he hasn’t got to read an essay
to understand those points. You know, maybe an image, maybe
an elephant standing on the table. And it goes well that, that table, that a
kitchen table is actually strong enough to support an elephant. That’s pretty good. And it’s, you know, a thousand words. What you
basically talking about is the recruitment strategy and essentially,
let’s assume now that, you know, you’ve realized that, Oh God, we
are not going to hit our 6 million pound target unless we re we need to recruit
more customers because we cannot milk the existing customers anymore. We’re already emailing them once a day and
we’re already following them around on Facebook. We can’t, there’s nothing else we can do. We’re already pushing loyalty points. We’re already pushing VIP free library. You know, we’re doing everything we can
and we’ve got a great reactivation program where, you know, we’ve given them 20
pounds asks if they don’t, you know, buy within a certain time. They will really pushing them hard and
you’d go, Oh my God, we’re going to be miles away
from our six minutes. Let’s say you then need to spend
some money to recruit them. But what you probably find is that you
can’t spend anymore money because it just becomes unprofitable.

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