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Discovering Comcast

[MUSIC PLAYING] I really have a lot
of hands-on work and I absolutely am engaged. What excites me about
Comcast and my future here– there’s so much
opportunity for growth. Come in prepared. Ask a lot of questions. You learn so much
from the people here. I’m not just a fly on the wall. I’m really active in
the whole process. Be willing to learn. Be open. Be receptive. You never know what
your supervisor may have in store for you. Be enthusiastic and your
internship will be amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] The people here are
extremely hardworking, but they’re also happy
people and they’re passionate about what they do. They love what they do. I’m going to say the
stereotypical– everyone thinks Comcast is a cable
company, and that’s sort of what I thought too. After my first day
here, I realized how innovative Comcast is. I love the Ideas Portal and how
they’re encouraging employees to come up with new
ideas and they actually follow up on that. So employees, they get to
be a part of the innovation no matter where they work. One of our groups of
interns last summer had an opportunity to work
on the development of an app called Xfinity Dining. This past month we
actually had our interns order their first meal
from the prototype. So many senior executives to
even entry level workers– they would take the time to
meet with me to just get coffee, to chat. They didn’t have to do that. I’ve never experienced
so much support. Coming here is about taking your
passion, taking your talent, and making something
real, and something new, and something beautiful. There’s something about the
collaborative spirit here at Comcast and our
engineering teams that create such a high level of
innovation that just amazes me every day. We did a tribute yesterday
to Ralph Roberts, and he was a true entrepreneur. And the entrepreneurial
spirit lives on here. The easiest way to
explain our programs is they fall into three areas. We have a technology
internship program. We have a finance
internship program. And we have the Comcast
Center internship program, which has roles like
operations, and communications, and marketing. We’ve grown from a 50 person
internship program to today, we have almost 400 interns
throughout the country. [MUSIC PLAYING] Temple University is my school. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I go to Bentley
University in Waltham. I’m originally from Chile. I go to Drexel University
right here in Philadelphia. I go to Villanova University. I’m part of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity Incorporated. The oldest and the coldest. I’m a rising junior at the
University of South Carolina. I go to the University
of Illinois at Chicago. We’re going on a scavenger
hunt throughout Philadelphia. I’m not sure exactly
what to expect, but I’m sure it’s going
to be an adventure. [MUSIC PLAYING] So since we’re already
going to meet over there, we’re just going to go right
to City Hall Broad Street. Love it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yay. Nice. There it is. We have a huge variety
of interns working here. People from colleges– there’s
some I’ve never heard of. I definitely see the
diversity at Comcast. African-American,
LGBT, veterans. I love what Comcast is doing. And I think my generation can
do more and bring a better input to Comcast and take
it to a higher level. It’s OK to dream big. It’s important for you to live
the life you want to live. It’s important for you to be
the person you want to be. There is no greater sadness
than showing up somewhere and not being able
to be who you are. [MUSIC PLAYING] The fact that I’m challenged
to learn new things, but still challenged to take
that step further up. My team is awesome. And when they say it’s a
family company, it’s true. I really feel like I’m a
part of the family now. Drop in. 20 minutes to be
back at 2 o’clock. We got to motor. You guys, I had
so much fun today. [LAUGHS] All right, team we’re back. Woohoo. We have several interns
that have received full time offers here. My name is Micayla. I was once an intern and now
I work at Comcast full time. I actually interned here
this previous summer. They’ve actually brought me
back as a full-time employee. What I’m really
looking forward to is the company culture and just
the all around inclusiveness. Usually for a
company of this size you tend to lose that feeling of
being with people that you love to work with and having a great
opportunity to come to work and be part of a true team. We’re looking for people who
are excited, who are innovative, and ready to take on
the world and change the future of Comcast. This is an amazing opportunity. You get into a
Fortune 50 company and you have an ability to be
a part of the great innovation that’s happening here in one
of the biggest and best media companies in the world. 1, 2, 3. Soon you’ll see me intern. That’s a long hand bud. That is long. Yeah, that’s a long one.

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