Discovery Call Structure That Turns Cold Leads into Closed Business [Template w/ Questions]
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Discovery Call Structure That Turns Cold Leads into Closed Business [Template w/ Questions]

– Last Monday we talked a little
bit about the sales trainer we hired and how we’re evolving as a sales team and we got a lot of requests for people that wanted to see our closing questions or the way that we
structured our sales calls. So today I’m gonna run through our entire discovery call structure, how
we structure call number one to turn our cold leads into
actual closed business. So let’s jump into it. At the end of this video
I will point you towards this doc, you can download this whole doc but we’ll run through it first. So here we go. The discovery call in terms of structure is the call that comes
after the cold email. So this is the call that
you’re trying to book on those initial cold emails
and the goal of this call is to try to progress the deal, right? Get a budget, figure out if
it’s the right decision maker, figure out if there’s actually
a need for your service, and try to get them to the proposal stage. So we start with
introductions on this call, going back and forth, asking who they are. Usually this ends up in us
talking about the weather or sports, Billy is very into sports so that helps a lot actually. I’m not too into sports so I
don’t usually talk about that. Then we move into our
short value proposition which is basically who our company is, what we do, all of that. If you watch the talk that I gave, it’s like a 49 minute talk
about the four strategies that brought in all these
leads for agency clients. I actually go through that in more detail. And then we jump into the part
that I really want to cover in this video which are
our discovery questions. So here are the discovery questions that we ask on our discovery calls. First we start off by
asking, can you tell me about your organization and
your role within the company? This usually gets them talking. If they don’t want to talk too much we have some sub-questions so, what’s your main value proposition? Who are your customers? What type of products and
services do you offer? What type of work do
you personally oversee? Who are the other major
players in the company? So we can ask some follow
up questions around there. A lot of this we’ll be researching before we hop on the call. Right, figuring out what their business is or what their role is, it’s
good to research beforehand. But it’s also good to ask these questions and get them to confirm a lot of research because it’s easy to
make assumptions based on research that end up
being completely false once you hop on the call itself. Once we get a good idea of who they are within the organization
and what the company does, then we move into, what areas
of growth are you focusing on? We’re a marketing company, obviously growth is huge for us. For mobile app development companies or for some other company, it would be a question
more focused on that. A more general way of
asking this question are, what are your goals for
the company for 2017? Or, what are your goals
for technology for 2017? Something around those lines
that will get them talking about whatever it is
you’re trying to sell them on. Then we dig deeper so,
tell me about how you get some of your best opportunities now. These are all again marketing questions, very marketing specific content here. So where do these leads come from? What stage are they in? What do your best prospect
customers have in common? Basically getting them to outline, if we were to work together, what would this target look like? In a mobile app development
call, this would be talking in more depth about app ideas they have, tech stacks they use, how
their tech team is structured, things like that, but
since this is marketing, we’re focusing more on
marketing lead generation here. Then we look to confirm. So you’re looking for more of these leads and opportunities I assume? Get them to say yes. And then a lot of the time,
once you get to this point in the call, they’ll
have a pretty good idea of how you guys work and how
they want to work together. Then we ask something like,
when we reached out to you, can you tell me what came
to mind about how we might be able to work together? Or, when you responded
to the email I sent, could you tell me a little bit more about how you thought
of us working together? Then we take all of the data
from previous part of the call and we retell our value proposition. For X27 it would be something
like if they’re talking about the type of leads that they want or inbound, or literally whatever it is, we’ll restate something like that. So let’s say they get most
of their leads from inbound, we’ll say something like,
you know most of our agency clients also get most
of their leads from inbound, what I found though is you can’t really rely on inbound too much
because it’s a lot of luck. Right, you can’t really
scale inbound channels without finding certain ways to grow and get new cornerstone clients. So that’s where outbound comes in. So that’s how we reframe. In the app development space it might be, you know, they point out that they build most of their stuff in PHP. And you could say something like, yeah we’ve got a full
suite of PHP developers and one of the biggest issues we find when people are running a PHP team is, you know, this, whatever
you do actually find. And then asking them to reconfirm that. Right, pointing out some
issue that they might have based on your experience. Then we transition the call
with a statement like this so, from what I’m hearing it
sounds like we might be a pretty good fit to work together. I’d love to actually share some examples of companies similar to yours
that we’ve helped in the past. Does that sound good? And then if they say yes, you could move to the closing part of the call. We say something like,
okay so let’s do this. I’m gonna put together some materials that I’d like to share
and review with you. And I’d like to work through
a marketing overview strategy that we can both agree on. The goal is to take them from this initial discovery call where you get the budget and you identify the
need, to the next call where you’re actually
presenting solutions to them. Same with mobile app development, same with web development
and branding UX UI. I know there’s this anti-spec work mindset that a lot of agencies have. The design team, the
development team doesn’t actually have to be
brought in in this phase. In my experience, the
sales guy, if he’s been working close with
designers and developers, is usually able to get
to this point by himself. Or is usually able to at least
come up with enough ideas by himself to get them here. So then we suggest
setting up a screen share where we discuss our
tactics and get their input, questions about each one
so that we can come out with a specific plan. That way we both know exactly how we can potentially work together. Ask them if it sounds good. When they say yes, we say,
hey let’s book some time. How does Tuesday at
3:00 p.m. central sound? Then we send the invite,
ask if they have any other questions and that’s
the end of the discovery call. From there we move on to a
proposal presentation call which I can discuss in a future video. If there’s interest, let me know and I can go through that as well. Thanks for watching the video. Feel free to like it to
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