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Disney Dream Job: Walt Disney Imagineer Prop Master | Disney Family

Adam experiences Disneyland
differently than other kids. [MUSIC PLAYING] For Adam, it’s about the props. Adam will always tell me, like,
how a prop tells a story. ADAM: Rainbow ridge, 50 feet. I love everything about props. There’s not one bad prop. I love how they
have the vultures. I used to write down all the
props numbers from each ride. 17, 18. And I got, like, 5,000. I’m Adam, and I’m 11 years old. And my Disney dream job is
Disney Parks prop master. Hey, hi! Adam,
Nice to meet you. I’m Ted.
Hi, Janis. Ted.
– Nice to meet you. Welcome to Walt
Disney Imagineering. JANIS: Thank you. I’m an executive
creative director for Walt Disney Imagineering. I’m working on the Tokyo
Disneyland expansion. All right. Let’s go this way.
– Hi. I’m Jim Clark, and
I’m senior producer for Tokyo Disneyland expansion. I think we were really excited
to meet Adam because it really kind of reminds us how special
what we’re working on really is. ADAM: I feel like I’m in
one of those like meetings where they, like, talk
about a new product. [LAUGHTER] TED: So let’s focus on
“Beauty and the Beast.” As you can see in the
distance, what’s that? ADAM: That’s the castle. TED: That’s right. And that’s the beast’s castle. So this ride– I’ve got to
tell you, it’s one of a kind. We’re going to have a few
of these amazing scenes from the film, where
things are going to start to come to life as
that song, “Be Our Guest” progresses. Actually, you see,
that Chip right there is that Chip right there. Oh, you can see
his little chip. We’re constantly going
back and looking at the film. We look at it over and
over and over again to make sure we’re
getting it right, and make sure the
character is on model. TED: And the
sculptors can’t help but put every detail in there. So if you look inside Chip,
there’s a little pool of tea or punch that’s inside there– ADAM: Oh, so just in case
if somebody sees it– Are you sure you
don’t work here? [LAUGHTER] TED: I’m completely blown
away by Adam’s enthusiasm, and I’m so excited
for him to be here. So now that you met the
team, who’s designing the ride, now, I want to introduce
you to two Imagineers who are going to make it real. Hi. – Hi, I’m Adam.
– Nice to meet you. ADAM: Nice to meet you, too.
– Hi, Adam. I’m Ali.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. So are you ready? I’m ready. VALLY: You’re going
to see amazing things. This is where we make
the actual props. — Woah!
— And these are the halberds. So that you understand also,
we’re approximately six set decorators. So it’s not just Ali and
I decorating this entire fantasyland expansion in Tokyo. As a set decorator,
as a prop person, we always work together. So it’s teamwork.
— ADAM: This is so cool! Well, let me show you some more
fun props on the other side, and they tell wonderful stories. ADAM: Whoa! So all of these items that are
going to be in Gaston’s tavern are trophies that he’s won. He’s not the most
humble character. JANIS: Yeah.
[LAUGHTER] VALLY: Yes. ALI: So this guy– this is the Best Chin
Award, and we have a– Cleft chin.
ALI: Yeah, best cleft chin. We have it shiny, like
everyone’s come up and rubbed it for good luck. So now that we’ve
seen Gaston’s tavern, I’d like to show you
what I’ve been working on. It’s a village hat
shop, and I bought all these different hat stands. And they’re all
different heights, and I have to figure
out how high these hats should be on the shelves. And let’s see if this
works better, OK? Is it better taller or shorter? ADAM: I think it’s
better shorter. VALLY: Why? ADAM: Because when people
are looking at hats, they don’t want to look up. They don’t want to
look at the bottom part. Yeah. That’s brilliant. ADAM: How do you become, like,
a Disney Parks props master? Go to see plays. Go to see museums. Travel the world. Look at art. And all of that will be the
information that you use to decorate your environment. So Adam, now that you have
seen the design and production, would you like to go to
another warehouse at the park to see the implementation
of the props? Yeah, that’d be super awesome! – Great.
– Bye-bye. Bye.
See you later. See you. – Hi, Adam.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Dan. Welcome to the Miller
Fabrication Facility. I understand you guys were
talking to the Imagineers this morning?
— Yeah, it was so fun. Yeah? Well you
know, they, kind of, put the ideas together,
and then we actually bring them to life over here. So if you’d like, I can
show you how we do that. Let’s go. DAN: Come on in. Let me show you around. This is our paint shop.
– Hi. – Hi, I’m Dave.
– Hi. I’m Adam.
– Nice to meet you. I’m the paint lead
here at the shop. And we take everything that’s
built into the other shops, we bring it here, we paint it
up, and we send it on its way. So we do all kinds of finishes. Sometimes, people want
things to look like wood. This is not wood. This is foam. Really lightweight. And then, the Aladdin lamp here
that looks like chrome– it’s actually plastic or urethane. And over here, you can
see some of the artisans working on castle snow. So every year, this
comes back from the park. And we’ll paint white
back into the snow, and we’ll paint blue
back in the snow. And then, when we’re done,
we’ll put all the glitter. And we get, about, 30
gallons of glitter a year. Does somebody have to
test all the light bulbs like you do on your tree? Yes, actually, they do have
to test all the lightbulbs. DAN: There’s a lot of them. Wow. I want to introduce
you to Patrick over here. Patrick will take
care of you, and he’ll show you all around here.
All right? You guys have a great
rest of your day. All right?
– Thank you. Thanks.
DAN: Take care. Bye-bye. PATRICK: Do you guys want to
see where the props are stored? Great. PATRICK: So this is where we
have all our pirate assets. Whoa! A lot for “Pirates
of the Caribbean.” ADAM: Whoa, the
cannon is so cool! JANIS: This is so awesome. PATRICK: In this aisle, we
have our holiday pumpkins. (CHUCKLING) Whoa. PATRICK: So we store all
these turnstile heads. And then, once the
Halloween season comes up, then we ship them
back to the park. How do you know
where each prop goes? We have a team there that
knows exactly the location, and they’re in charge
of taking the assets and reinstalling them. So how many props do you
have in this whole warehouse? PATRICK: Thousands of props. I can’t even count how
many props we have. Well, let’s start! One, two– [LAUGHTER] JANIS: Watching Adam go through
today was an absolute joy. People can be dismissive
of Adam’s passion for props and just don’t get it. And getting to see all these
adults, all these Imagineers, and meet them, and be part
of their passion for it is amazing. I think that he’s the kind of
personality that could really spend his entire career
creating beautiful experiences for other people. TED: Part of being
successful is being passionate about something. And boy, for an 11-year-old,
Adam has so much passion. Today has helped me
realize that teamwork is a big part of
how everything’s made at Disneyland. I still love props, and I
just look at them a little bit differently. It really makes me feel excited,
because hopefully one day, I will become a prop master.

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