Diversify Your Marketing Strategy – 6 Tips
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Diversify Your Marketing Strategy – 6 Tips

– Hey, this is Bobby with marketing 360. I wanted to talk to y’all today about how marketing is
a lot like investing. I recently read Tony Robbins’ book. He’s a number one best seller. It’s called Unshakable, the one he wrote. And what’s great about it is
I couldn’t help but relate how marketing is almost
exactly like investing and we all wanna make money, so let’s learn about these tips. Six tips in total on how
you can make great moves when it comes to your marketing campaign. Number one, diversification. So whenever it comes to marketing, there’s a lot of people
who are specialists in one type of marketing. One thing you wanna do is diversify. So, everyone’s been using paid ads, Facebook, Instagram, Google, but you don’t wanna just rely on those. I’ve talked to countless people who are running Facebook ads
and the algorithm changes. Their world is rocked. What you need to do is diversity. Work on SEO, you know paid
ads like we just touched on, also text message
marketing, email marketing, and social influencer marketing. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Number two, reallocate and rebalance. Harry Markowitz who’s a famous investor says you should balance
your portfolio yearly. So how does this relate to marketing? Well, like we touched on in tip one, what you can do is,
during the paid ad season, busy season, crush it there. When it slows down,
I’ll tell you right now 80% of people, business owners, when they come to me they say
Bobby, I wanna spend less. It’s not our busy season. And I say you know, okay,
well let’s pivot to SEO. A lot of them don’t wanna
do that, believe it or not. I’ve had, like I said,
about 20% of clients do that and the ones that do that tend to get year over year exponential results. And those are usually people that keep their business growing at just ridiculous rates. You know, one of the biggest things that people don’t tend to get is 75% of small businesses fail. So, you know, do you wanna fail or do you wanna be the rare
person who is successful? So whenever it comes to just
rebalancing your strategy, look at the different options you have and do not, again, put all
your eggs in one basket. Number three. It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. Warren Buffett actually
talks about how working in the stock market is just a way of transferring money from
the inpatient to the patient. And it’s the same thing with marketing. You know, quarterly, if
you look at the reports, like look in blogs right now. You will see that people
are spending billions more quarterly on marketing online and you know, businesses
are going nowhere. Small businesses are the
lifeblood of our economy. So if you are not just doing these things that we’re touching on here, you know, rebalancing
and you know, investing and diversifying and understanding
that this does take time long term, you’re gonna fail. So the one thing you need to do is have someone who can
audit what you’re doing. Look over what you’re doing. Have a bird’s level view, understand it, and then just dive right in
and talk about the specifics. That’s what we’re here for. Number four. Find yourself a trustworthy partner. So when it comes to investing,
I have never met anyone who has four to five financial advisors. Let’s take a second. Have you? I doubt it. They usually have one person who advises them on their
retirement and their investing. The same thing goes with marketing. I know there are people who specialize in one type of marketing
and that’s all they do, but whenever it comes to my business and how complex a person can be working on their mobile
phone, their desktop, their tablet, walking into stores. You know 80% of people who search are gonna go to a store and purchase, even if they’re hunting
for prices on Amazon and comparing. So what you wanna do is find one partner who can do all of this,
just like investing. Because of the complexity
of the buyer online today, you need to have a very good understanding of how all these things interconnect and influence each other. Number five, negativity and loss aversion. If you look it up,
psychologists to talk about how financial pain is two
times more just stressful for people than the
actual gains of winning. So if you think about it, you know, we’re built to think irrationally. It’s been proven by psychologists. So whenever things do get hard, that’s why these previous tips are so key. You need to have a steady foot. Just keep going, stay with the strategy, keep working. You can’t just bounce around. I can’t tell you how many
people I’ve spoken to and they come through the lead funnel and they’re considering working with us and they say I’ve worked with
five marketing companies. I’ve been burned so many times. And they’re literally afraid to do what could potentially be
a wonderful thing for them. It’s just like relationships. You ever dated somebody and
they treated you like dirt and then you’re reluctant to date? Same thing with marketing, same thing with investing. A lot of people are afraid to invest due to financial crashes and a lot of people are afraid to market due to being burned before. So find yourself a very
trustworthy partner you relate to who you can
put your business’ hand in. Alright, number six. Confirmation bias and recency bias. This kinda relates to tip number two when it comes to rebalancing. A lot of times we tend
to only agree and relate to what we personally experienced. That is why there are
professionals in every industry. You know, I’ve tried to work
at my house hanging a light and I had to call an electrician and they saved me from
burning my house down. Same with your business. I’ve talked to people who
are afraid to do something because AdWords was terrible
whenever they used it. I’ve talked to people
who have Facebook ads because it didn’t work well for them. There’s obviously professionals out there that can do this stuff. I’ve even spoken to
people who’d try to invest their own money and cost
their family their livelihood. Obviously not a good thing. So don’t take everything
that you’ve struggled with that you’ve personally done as bad or even what someone
in India may have done. Look for a professional,
don’t trust the bias in your own mind, and
find good solutions today. So those are our six tips. If you need anything, don’t
hesitate to let us know. My name is Bobby, I’m one of
the marketing executives here, happy to help you answer
any questions you have. Thanks. (light music)

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