Do Yelp Reviews Matter to Your Digital Marketing Strategy?
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Do Yelp Reviews Matter to Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

what do you think? I get these calls from them.
What do you think about Yelp? Yelp. Okay.
Yelp has been around for quite awhile now,
and when it comes to Yelp, people still trust the reviews.
As a small business owner, I’m sure you’ve become frustrated with
yelp and we hear this all the time. People say,
“I want to remove my yelp listing. I don’t want to be on yelp.” You don’t
have a choice. Yelp is a database that compiles all
different businesses from all around, from your area,
all around the nation. They have a stringent terms of service
and because of that, because it’s so rigid,
so stringent, people trust the reviews.
If you’ve been one of those business owners that have asked three,
four, five of your friends or family to leave
you a review on Yelp, then most likely you found those reviews
under hidden or filtered reviews. Yelp. Because yelp has an algorithm,
but when it comes to the yelp algorithm, what is doing is it’s making sure that
people are real, verified customers,
that they’re leaving reviews not in a row consecutively.
So if your business gets a review, one,
two, three,
four, five,
within a specific amount of time, let’s say within a day,
it doesn’t look like it’s real reviews. So yelp is making sure that these people
are legitimate customers, that these reviews are coming in at
different times, different days,
different weeks, different months,
that these users have friends on there or they’ve left other reviews or they
have a filled out profile. All those things go into the algorithm
and because of this algorithm, people trust their reviews. So as much as you want to just hide
under a rock and pretend yelp isn’t there,
it’s going to stay. Yelp.
And for right now, what you have to do is you have to
provide such a great experience for your customers that they feel compelled to
leave you a review on yelp. That’s according to the terms of
service, so made sure that you’re suggesting they
leave a review for you on yelp. Don’t incentivize them because yelp will
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