Does Barbie go far enough with its product marketing strategy? (Sous-titres en Français)
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Does Barbie go far enough with its product marketing strategy? (Sous-titres en Français)

The Barbie doll has been revamped.
Mattel specifically, the Barbie division has taken a bottom-up approach. A
bottom-up approach is essentially when you listen to hear what is going on in
the streets, and you create a strategy saying “OK, we see that there’s all this
buzz about poor body image and we see that it’s a thing that people care about,
Dove did a campaign about it, people up in arms about it, these bloody people on
Instagram and Facebook are coming up with new versions of more realistic
dolls by the second. So yeah we should jump on that bandwagon, too!” But the question that
I’m asking myself is : Did they do enough? Yes, now the Barbie comes in three
different body types. Yes, it comes in 22 different eye colors and you can have 24 different types of hair for it. And I’m sure there’s a plethora just a
plethora of outfits you can choose from. I’m sure every girl would love, that but since
girls are buying more iPads than Barbies maybe they could have, instead of just coming out with a more
diverse Barbie, maybe they could have made a Barbie line or the barbie doll more
customizable. If you can have a pair of sneakers custom design, anyway you want
and have it shipped to your house? Why not do it with a Barbie doll? Why can’t you, as a girl, go online and build your own barbie? And then, you know, pick
the hair, the nails, the color, the body shape, the hips sizes, the width that you
want? I’m not saying this would be a logistical nightmare, ’cause I can just
imagine, you know, on a production standpoint doing “one-ofs” would just be
horrific, for whoever is in charge of Production. But the concept that you can
build your own Barbie, like you build a bear, might be even more interesting than
just coming up with a more diverse “fashionista” range. I am sorry that keeping
“fashionista” in air quotes, but just such and overused term. Also, this is completely in my own humble opinion. I’m sure there are factors, there are always factors, from the outside
looking in, that you not privy to. And so you know, I don’t have the whole story.
Just let’s put it this way: Avatars are big because people are slightly narcissistic and
they love the idea of creating an avatar of their imaginary self. You mean to tell me that a
little girl or boy wouldn’t like the idea of creating of version of
themselves, alter ego of themselves, in a Barbie doll
have it shipped to their house it might be more interesting than just
say: “Ok here’s these 3 Barbie doll body types go out and play with them.”

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  2. maybe they should start by changing the name….to me, it has a bit of a negative connotation…oh, and you look awesome!!! mwah!

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