Does Your Small Business Really Need a Marketing Plan?
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Does Your Small Business Really Need a Marketing Plan?

There is an assumption that business plans
are meant for big companies, the big corporates like Microsoft, Apple, like a big team, they
have a marketing manager, they have a marketing executive to help promote the company’s products
and services. But a marketing plan part of boosting your entire business, even if you
are a small business owner, you need a marketing plan! [music] If you are a small business
owner, you need a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a must. A good marketing plan would
include not just promoting your products and services, not just means answering customer
services, it’s more than that! A good marketing plan should also include increasing your brand
value, so it becomes more valuable and your customers become more loyal. It’s about building
relationships. It’s all part of it. It’s (Marketing) NOT something that you can just do it like
a one-time (off) and that’s it. No! Because a marketing plan is not a one-time off, a
marketing plan is not an afterthought, it shouldn’t be an afterthought which means you
have to do it (marketing) consistently, frequently, and of course regularly! You want to have
a regular (marketing) schedule so people can expect when to hear from you, so they know
you are putting out new content, let’s say, every Monday at 5 o’clock so they will remember
to check it (out). You know, like your favourite TV series, every Sunday at 8 o’clock so I’ll
always be prepared at 8 o’clock to watch my favourite show. The same goes for marketing
messages, if you have a great video going out at a certain time, let people know that
so they know when to expect it and they can anticipate it and get more excited even before
they watch your videos or read your social media posts or even your blog posts as well.
And each time round that you put out a marketing message, it’s also part of the nurturing process,
building a relationship, letting them know more about you, letting your customers know
that you are an authority, a subject expert in this area so they will keep coming back
for more. And the more value that you provide, the more they’ll keep you at the top of the
mind. The thing about building a marketing plan, alot of people make this mistake especially
for small business owners. They don’t think about marketing a product before they launch
a product. It’s more of an afterthought like okay, I’m launching this product tomorrow
or like next week and then they think about the marketing part after the product is ready
to be launched and then they realized they are not getting the sales. And they wonder
why. It’s because you need a plan. You need to hype the audience up , create excitement.
And that’s how, look at how Apple does their product launch. Before they do their product
launch or even before they have this big announcement, there’s alot of rumors going about it, there’s
some leaks here and there, about the latest news, getting people talking about it, creating
a buzz, excitement even before the actual launch. So people know there is a new product
coming, there are these features coming and they save up the money to buy that new product
that’s coming up. So if you want people to have the budget to buy products and services
from you, you need to let them know way in advance, let them know what’s coming up, so
they can save up the money for that. Otherwise, when you, by the time you launch your product,
and people are not prepared for it, they might have spent the money on something else already.
If you want more sales revenue when you launch a new product, remember – include this as
part of your marketing plan way in advance. Don’t start your marketing plan till it’s
too late. If you need help with creating a marketing plan, an effective marketing plan
in 2019 for a new product, new services, you want to increase your brand value, get your
customers to pay you more, talk to me. If you enjoyed this video, give me a thumbs up
and follow me for more exciting marketing strategies and tips. Till then, bye!

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