Don’t Farm Content | Monday Marketing Minute by Oneupweb
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Don’t Farm Content | Monday Marketing Minute by Oneupweb

Happy Monday! Thanks for joining us for
another episode of the Monday Marketing Minute.
– This week we’re talking about
farms. Content farms, that is.
– Moooo. Okay Gill, so can you explain to me what exactly is a content farm?
– Content farm, otherwise known as the content mill, is a
copywriting service that produces mass quantities of content – blog posts,
articles, essays, everything in between. You can get content pretty cheap
compared to professional content writers and marketing companies.
– And cheap can be really appealing, especially to those smaller businesses. But let’s talk about
why cheap is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to content.
– First, content mills are corroding the art of the written word by creating a
marketplace that rewards quantity over quality. Google awards quality content in
the SERP. Remember, quantity is nothing without
– That is so true, and often the content that comes from a content farm
still needs to be edited and fixed before you even want to publish it out
there to the world.
– To prove this point, we wrote a blog about why you wouldn’t
want to work with the content farm, and then we hired a content farm to write
the same blog. Check out the results over at our website.
– And then don’t forget to drop a comment below and let us know what experiences you have had with
working with the content farm.
That’s a wrap for today! Tune in next week when we talk about the best video apps for DIY video marketing. Bye!

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