Don’t Release Music Without a Marketing Plan | #RealTalk
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Don’t Release Music Without a Marketing Plan | #RealTalk

yo real talk don’t release any more music without a marketing plan. don’t release any more music if you don’t have a plan to get it in front of people too often I see artists who will release a full body of work 5 10 12 songs put it up on soundcloud and say hey I just dropped this mixtape as flames go out and get it and you know they might post it up for that week and then after that all engagement disappears they stop pushing it they don’t promote it anywhere they don’t get any press behind it and the people that are playing it are only their immediate friends and so what happens is the song gets stuck at 20 40 50 plays each and then it just sits there and fizzles and then what the artist will do is say oh well that mixtape is three months old now it’s time for me to do a new one I got more heat for the streets and they just repeat the same process over again with their fanbase never grows if you don’t find a way to reach people you’re going to be stuck on this treadmill you’re going to be constantly running but you’re going to be going nowhere so let’s define marketing for the simplest purposes marketing is how you find new customers attract them to you and convert them into people that pay for your music or who just become fans of you so different ways you can market your music you can get press at different blogs you can go perform at different shows you can do open mics there’s a lot of different ways you can go out and reach new people but finding new people to listen to your music has to be something you consider as a part of your release strategy it’s not enough to just put it on soundcloud and hope someone finds it you got to go get these people they’re out there but the way to get more is not to simply release more music without changing up your approach so realtalk don’t release any more music without a marketing plan peace you

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