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Dream Internship Job

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I entered UMass
Lowell as a freshman, one of my kind of reach goals
was to get a design job. So now I’m a senior. I’m going to be
graduating in the spring, and I’m working in a digital
marketing agency in Boston. And it’s just a really
great environment to be in. I wanted to be as prepared as
I could for this interview, because I really
wanted this job, and I wanted all the
help that I could get. So I took my resume
to Career Services, and they went through it
with a fine-toothed comb. And they really helped
me build up the content. That’s amazing. So you should take
some credit for that. Through some
careful questioning, the counselor can help the
student articulate the skills that they’ve developed, the
knowledge that they’ve gained, so it makes it easier
for the employer to see what the
student comes in with. We love working with
interns, especially from smart schools like UMass
Lowell, where they come in and they have the skill set. They just don’t have that
real world experience. So what we’re able
to work with them on is giving them some of
that real world experience, and also finding
some of that talent, some of that raw talent,
that we can potentially hire. What are the–
what’s the feeling? Like, what are some adjectives? You come in here as an intern,
doing some graphic design, maybe doing a few mockups
and stuff like that. But you see what an
art director is doing. You see what a creative
director’s doing. You can see the future
of your career, almost. One of the biggest
pieces of advice that I got from
my boss, Marc, was to really organize
everything that I’ve done, and organize it in a way
that tells my best story. Now employers are
considering the internship really the entry-level job,
so that when you get out, they’re expecting to
see that on your resume. Oftentimes we’ve ended
up hiring an intern once they graduate from school. I think that an internship
is the perfect bridge between linking the work that
you do in school and in class, and how it’s going to translate
to when a student graduates. And I think that’s one
of the biggest things that students can take
away from internships, is how to make that leap
into the professional world. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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