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Driving industry connections for Marketing students | RMIT University

[Music] well the RMIT students today marketing services audit my piece of work that we provided through one of our team members here and it was very pleasing and rewarding to see the enthusiasm that the students provided in that exercise it’s about that transition and making them understand that you know what they’re doing at university is absolutely crucial to their success in the outside world and giving them these little chances to meet real-life clients not only gives them that you know it takes them away from their day-to-day books or perhaps their part-time job in hospital to a real environment of office suits and you know red board room chairs [Music] well this is what I want to do I’m going to come to university and do it too okay well this is actually what I will be doing oh my god how did I get here so that transitions really important and being able to utilize the theoretical base that they gained from University and put it into a practical sense is really important I think I’m quite a practical orientated person so being able to you know apply them to a real-life situation was really I really enjoyed that and you know being able to then present those findings to the actual corporation was even better I’ve got a couple of interviews coming up and where we have to do presentations so hopefully I can get a job after this now that I’ve had some practice working with the Grand Prix and being able to present to them was a really great opportunity especially thinking of going into the work for us it’s very scary as is and having this experience it calms your nerves and makes you realise it’s really not that scary and quite exciting actually using real-life clients means that students get a real taste of what it’s like to actually walk into a physical organisation which some of them have never done before and it allows them to really think you know work on something where their ideas could be incorporated into actual being actually used in the Formula One world you can do a lot of simulating you can do a lot of testing you can do a lot of practice but then when you actually get into the race people go gee that didn’t really work or that didn’t actually replicate what we did in the simulations for us to be able to engage with you with the RMIT students and vice-versa so that they can have firsthand feedback of what they’re doing and how valuable we see it and giving the students the opportunity to talk face-to-face with people that are at the coalface doing it on a day-to-day basis yeah that’s good some good ideas even I was sitting there going not bad it’s good

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