E-commerce | Selling via online marketplaces : Episode 2
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E-commerce | Selling via online marketplaces : Episode 2

I’m Emma Jones, founder of Small Business Community Enterprise Nation, and we’re working with Open to Export on this series of videos,
to show you how to successfully sell online, and sell to the rest of the world. In
this second episode we look at how to make sales through powerful online marketplaces. Whether you’re selling physical products
or professional services. Create a profile and build a presence on
these sites and they take care of attracting international traffic, so you don’t have to. Here are seven of the
most powerful. Amazon Marketplace. You may be used to buying from Amazon, but
have you considered the site as a platform from which to sell? Millions of people visit Amazon, and you
can sell new or used items to this pulsing traffic.
If you think the volume will exceed 30 items per month consider becoming a
pro merchant seller. You can also make the most of Fulfilment by
Amazon. So they take care of storage and
dispatch to the customer too. Etsy, with 130,000 UK businesses trading on this site, it’s
a powerful one to be on for any craft or handmade business. Buyers can see the price of products in 21 currencies and most Etsy sellers I’ve profiled are making more sales outside UK than in it. Folksy, a british-based site for all things
crafty and handmade. Folksy also attract international
customers and makes it easy for you to sell the results of your talent. eBay, a mega mall online. eBay sellers continue
to profit from international sales with top export
markets being the US, Ireland, Germany, France and Italy. For eBay
trading tips Tamebay is an essential blog to follow. Elance, if you’re selling services this is the site for you. Creative Designers, Social Media Experts, Copywriters and many more
professionals do well from having their expertise
profiled on Elance.com, which attract buying customers from across the globe. iStockphoto.com, if you’re looking to
sell photography, videos or music effects, iStockphoto
has the audience wanting to buy. To start selling, join the site, become a
contributor and submit samples of your work, simple. iTunes, if your business involves
creating audio books, podcasts or apps. The
iTunes platform is your route to a global market. For Apps, Apple give seventy percent of revenue from the Apple Store to the seller and they retain thirty percent. If you’re selling
in volume this can add up to a decent amount. There are other sites like these such as
Crowd Spring, 99 designs and Odesk. Experiment with the one that suits
you best in get selling there’s never been a better time. You
might also consider Alibaba.com as a site to source
suppliers from Asia. In the next episode we’ll look at the
practicalities of selling online when it comes to delivery,
payment and legal considerations.

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