Easy Chicken Caprese Skillet | 20 Minute Keto Dinner Recipe
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Easy Chicken Caprese Skillet | 20 Minute Keto Dinner Recipe

what's up guys today we're gonna be making a super simple one skill at dinner recipe we're making a caprese chicken so we have some fresh ingredients of chicken breast some mozzarella some fresh basil some cherry tomatoes that we're gonna blister up this is gonna be super quick super delicious and you're gonna want to make it day after day we're gonna start by heating a large skillet you don't want to overcrowd your chicken to medium heat we're gonna add about a tablespoon of avocado oil coconut oil whatever you have on hand will work to the skillet so here I have three large chicken breasts that I butterflied I've honestly never butterflies something before but I think this will go a lot better than just keeping it sick because it'll cook quicker and it'll be more surface area to cover with cheese and tomatoes and some fresh basil so we're gonna season these pretty quickly salt pepper and Italian seasoning that we already have blended together but honestly you can cover this in whatever you want whenever I'm making a recipe like this I always want to start off like this just brings me back you know like how Matt can do that but growing up in an Indian household we didn't make stuff like this at all some pepper if we were making taco bell though that will bring me back because we ate a lot of Taco Bell okay so our skillets definitely hot enough the oil is shimmering so you know it's ready so we're gonna pop these guys in and you don't want them to touch one another so try to prevent overcrowding if possible so we're gonna want these to brown on both sides so we're gonna go about four to five minutes per side until fully cooked through all right let's give these chickens a flip oh yeah that's great so while the chicken is cooking up on the other side I'm gonna get our cherry tomatoes halved then we're gonna be blistering up in a hot skillet pretty soon here you can do as many or as little as you want we're gonna be doing about half a cup here not a whole lot alright so this looks about good and you can always do more depending on you know I like a lot of cherry tomatoes Matt doesn't so I'll probably eat the majority of these anyway we'll just set those aside for now while we're waiting on our chicken and when we pull this chicken out what we're gonna do is we're going to lay a slice of mozzarella cheese on top of each and cover it with foil so that it can melt down on its own but feel free to put the skillet in the oven if you want like a melt your cheese later on and even fresh mozzarella would go really great with this probably even tastier sometimes it's just easy to have the slice cheese's on hand and these definitely do melt better we can also slice up some basil and this adds a really nice freshness as opposed to dried basil all right so the chicken is looking fully cooked through on both sides so we're gonna transfer it to this plate and top it with some cheese we're going to turn down this heat a little get our cheese go in oh yeah and then let's quickly cover this with foil so we can trap in all that heat you want to do shiny side down let's set this aside as we get our tomatoes and sauce going we're gonna add in some butter and scrape up the little bits you can see you can even use some broth if you want a more of a you know more liquid in there for that sauce or you can use some white wine that would be really good so once you scrape up those bits we're gonna just add in the tomatoes and get those going we're just gonna let these cook and blister up for as long as it takes it shouldn't take too long because your pan will be really hot and that butter is sizzling all right so it's been a couple minutes and you can see they're like slightly brown definitely blistered so at this point we're just gonna add the rest of our ingredients turn off the heat first off and then we're gonna add in some lemon juice and a some basil another great ingredient would be just some fresh garlic then we're gonna do some of the phret the fresh basil so that looks good and again like I said if you wanted to add some broth or some wine to deglaze the pan that'll give you more of a sauce for the chicken but I like it just like this so if we were just cooking this for a family dinner we would serve it by adding the chicken directly back into the pan and then bringing that skillet to the table but right now we're just gonna whoa whoa got really sticky cheese we are just gonna plate one up and give it a try don't let the foil get stuck all right let's grab this guy right here since he is looking perfect I'm just gonna grab some Tomatoes that's a basil and some of that butter oh yeah and then additionally some fresh basil how beautiful is that mmm mmm oh man those blister Tomatoes that has changed the way I'm gonna eat my tomatoes moving forward with the fresh basil the cheese is super creamy and melty and the chicken is just really hearty and filling this is an amazing recipe this is something you can whip up in under 20 minutes and everyone will love so feel free to check out the link below on how to make this and let us know what you think when your family gets this a try

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24 thoughts on “Easy Chicken Caprese Skillet | 20 Minute Keto Dinner Recipe

  1. Huge tip for the cheese, I bought a mozzarella balls, sliced a piece per pieces of chicken about a half inch thick, then put them in the pan with the tomatoes and everything for 20-30 seconds. It was the perfect mix of fresh and melty cheese.

  2. Hey i trust you guys, and have come across this brand WiO. Wiodiet.com
    They claim to have low carb bread and basically low carb flour. This was sold at a local bakery, i just picked it up. Now i am freaking out i read mixed reviews. Do you know anything abeoit this brand and their product. It seems too good to be true also, it says on the package it wasn't NOT EVALUATED by the fda. Is this a scam?does anyone know about this??

  3. omg. my zia lucia….made this all the time !!!!! she just passed, random happy memory. loved this meal !!!!! basil makes everything better !!!!!!

  4. I can't NOT read the ingredients on anything when I shop now and when I look at the shelves I see boxes of sugar lol thanks for sharing your knowledge..

  5. I love how she explained her reason for butterflying the chicken she has never butterflied as being the actual reason known by people and chefs all over the world as if this was a trick she figured out on her own. Lol

  6. Indian food can be keto if you use the cauliflower rice..My husband freeked ..He had to have his rice..Hyderbadi hubby. German mommy..here.

  7. I think my hearing is failing. Did you say that your Indian family ate lots of Taco Bell? Considering how varied and wonderful Indian cuisine is, I'm so sorry for your culinary loss…! 😢 I think Keto friendly Indian recipes would be popular…!

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