Easy Commerce: your ready to use e-commerce by Brandsdistribution
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Easy Commerce: your ready to use e-commerce by Brandsdistribution

Hi everyone! It’s Marianna from Brandsdistribution. Many people ask us what is the turnkey website
package and what does it include. Well, the Easy Commerce is the mono language
and mono currency e-commerce that we create specifically for you, on a WordPress platform,
to start your online business! The website is linked to the Brandsdistribution
catalogue and will allow you to resell more than 100 original fashion brands without any
storage risk thanks to the dropshipping service. This means that you resell the products and
we will ship them directly to your final customer. You don’t have any risk of storage nor buying
the products upfront. But how much will you earn with this? You decide! We will suggest you a selling price, which
guarantees you a 30% minimum of margin on each product, but you will decide which prices
to apply on them! Are you curious about how to get started? Well, I’ll show you how simple it is! So, just go to the dedicated area of the turnkey
webstore, choose which plan you want to subscribe to if the mono category website in which
you can choose one category product only or the multi category website. Then, after choosing the payment method, total
or in installments, you can proceed with the purchase. Once the payment has been made, you will receive
a confirmation email with a form to complete, this form is fundamental for the personalization
of your site. In order to customize your website you will tell us which logo to enter in, which name you want to choose for the domain, the chosen
language and the currency. Once the form has been correctly completed
and returned, our IT department will work to build and deliver the site within 15 working
days. And then? Well, we give you wings, but you will make
your business fly! You will be in charge of updating the site
and the catalogue, and manage sales campaigns for your customers
but don’t worry, we will continue to think about your orders and shipments. Thanks to the synchronization with our website,
once the customer pays an order on your webstore, the order will also arrive on our platform
and you can decide whether to pay them one by one or activate Paypal’s automatic payment
on your profile. Once the payment has arrived, we will prepare
the order and send it to your final customer. To help you manage your e-commerce, once we
delivery you the website we also sent tutorials on how importing new arrivals and managing
offers. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But how long will last? Well, the website will be yours forever! And after one year you will just have to renew
the dropshipping service, which will allow you to keep having our products and our logistics
service. We really want you to feel safe, so you can always count on us for customer care assistance, commercial assistance and so on… Carefully read the terms and conditions before
subscribing. So, we are at the end of this video. Thanks for whatching, I hope you liked it,
I hope I was clear enough and go and start your fashion business today!

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