EASY Product Page Hacks For 2019 (Increase Conversion Rate) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019
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EASY Product Page Hacks For 2019 (Increase Conversion Rate) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

now I’m gonna teach you for Shopify
hacks that can improve your conversion rate make you more money mean less work
without costing you a penny hi there my name’s Ricky Hayes it’s a pleasure to
have you in channel today with me learning about four easy product page
hacks that are 100% free if you haven’t already just be sure to subscribe to my
channel as well as comment crush it hashtag crush it that is to learn the
chance to win a one-on-one consulting call with myself
announced in the next video let’s get straight into today’s value number one
is one landing page optimization so I know that sounds exactly the same so one
of the things that I’ve been doing that I find works really well their home in
trying much is just put not sold in stores put it sort of more at the top of
the page and is a great way of doing it not sold in stores exclusively online
things like that actually does work quite well and try to include one to two
gifts max you can use giffy or you can use easy give easy why is it gif calm or
you can make a number of images and then just make it into a gif and you choose
the time frame so you know two seconds per one and make it into a gif please be
mindful and not to have too many cuz that’ll slow down your site speed on top
of this are really really good hack for those who are marketing to America most
of us ah make sure that you if you can sort your product from America make sure
you include an American flag on the product page so just literally get like
an American flag and you know proudly American owned okay literally just have
that proud of the American owned Americans love that obviously as a very
patriotic country as well as it builds a lot of trust it’s the same for here in
Australia that I would do the exact same thing and that’s what I have been doing
and it really builds that trust because they know we’re actually from other
things that I’ve said many times you know it does help with the conversion
rate bundles bulk order discounts and of course reviews many people say that they
use looks and I used to use looks too and I still think it’s great but I’ve
started using judged on me and I would recommend you have a look it’s about the
same price as it is the same price sorry as it looks it has integration with SMS
bump for SMS views it also has the main thing it has
a lot more capacity to change the emails for reviews as well as you can actually
get video testimonials and those super powerful knowingly for remarketing for
the testimonial remarketing but also for your landing page optimization people
absolutely love that so judge me is a great great great app and if you’re
using looks you can actually import your reviews from looks or yopo in to judge
me as well so if you’re interested give that a shot it really is a great app and
lastly a lot of this is going to be we’re going to be going into Google
Analytics so I said there’s a lot of hacks and I want it I always like to
give practical stuff so I need a Google Analytics account go under behavior site
speed page timings site speed and site speed suggestions okay so let me show
you how that works right now all right fabulous so you can see here that I’m
under my Google Analytics of one of my Google ads Google Analytics account
pardon me now you can see just blah blah marking a product moment right back I’m
I’m gonna have to blew out a bit of this of course what you can see here is I’m
under behavior site speed and page timings see how these are the main
products that have been marked right now that’s cart and check-out and stuff as I
said I can’t show all this sorry but you can see you you know thousands of
sessions in the last week you know David recording and you can see
the site speed is 8.8 I’m actually it’s being updated it can be a bit inaccurate
but it’s really helpful to know so that you can try and make improvements you
can click then a link there and that will take you to the product page to
make sure you’re looking at the right one but on top of this because people
look at overall bounce rate but obviously you got your overall bounce
rate but it’s important to look at the individual bounce rate and so you can
have a look here under speed suggestions and you can actually see under speed
suggestions that it gives you the speed suggestions now again it’s it’s saying
thirty and a half of improve that sometimes it can be a bit inaccurate but
have a look at the suggestions and so I can see right now for me
this Google Analytics that I need to be doing quite a bit of work the the page
speed is 85 so that’s good but it’s saying the speed is longer and that
because a lot of reviews can take some time a bit longer the load and and some
of the gifts and stuff okay but you can see if you’re sitting around 80 to 100
you’re doing quite well so it’s doing well I just actually have room for
improvement which is great and so you can see here you know we’ve got you know
I wanted traffic coming in so when I make those changes it can make quite an
improvement and that’s it that’s simple okay people forget about your page load
time makes quite a difference and instead of using like GT metrics or
Google page speed which gives you an overall you can just do it in Google
Analytics and the speed suggestions and that you can see the individual pages
and have a look you know because you might even be
surprised your cart page might be very slow or things like that and I find that
very very helpful to your overall funnel on your Shopify store so that’s that’s
hack number one that can really help you increase your overall conversion right
let’s move on to number two lovely welcome to number two this is one of my
favorite hacks that I’ve seen really no I’m speaking about source medium hack
you know I tell this to like all my students course students in that and
it’s super super powerful and what you do is it’s really easy it’s a you just
go to acquisition all traffic source medium you can filter a report by the
ones with the most sales and to start as the more sales you get from a channel of
course you’re gonna have a lower conversion rate but that means you’re
getting more statistically relevant data which is important okay you know if you
get one sale generally gonna have a high conversion rate that’s not statistically
relevant a pro tip is to look for areas like SMS bump email messenger being
Yahoo or an organic SEO right and so you can be really surprised okay and when I
show you now you’ll be really surprised by what I mean and why these are
important is you know you can be like all right well it’s miss bumps don’t
really well what can I do more to squeeze more out of it okay if I got
who’s doing very well should I be running Yahoo ads if beings doing very
well should I be running some simple Bing ads okay
Organic should I be trying to do some more SEO around these keywords or so on
and so forth it gives you a lot of context into how your stores doing and
so it’s a very important thing let me show you how that works right now all
right lovely so again I just want to add that these are all just default
templates got to add that sorry before but these are non modified templates you
can actually do quite a lot in Google Analytics but we don’t need to so you
can see here you know doing however many uses some ones so forth
so you can see here that in the last what week is a week yep yep week you
know gotten plenty of sales blah blah and you can see that the commerce
conversion rate is four point seven five percent overall which is really really
good um you know what I recommend you do is go off by 25 top 25 okay and then you
go off by transactions okay and you can see obviously Facebook’s the main one
but amazingly enough obviously you can see Facebook’s done very well that’s
good conversion right that’s good store well set up on me uh-hum but you can see
down here like the things you know Google organic okay so I’m working more
on Google 99 transactions from that seven point six two percent all right do
not forget about that alright so you can see mobile and that’s actual desktop so
that’s retargeting and that has a higher higher conversion rate so people are
buying that and that’s working quite well and if we scroll down you’re going
to see some more stuff SMS bump this is why I say SMS bumps so important sixteen
point four nine percent with ninety-one conversions so that’s an extremely high
conversion rate for something that I did nothing for so what I’m gonna do is
going to have a closer look and what I can further do with SMS bump integrate
with more apps upgrade and do split testing of my texts and improve that
further you know if it cost me an extra twenty dollars a month with how much
it’s making me at this stage in the last week 2700 or whatever why would I not if
we that looked down we can see being
organic okay six sales with fourteen point six three percent okay being
people forget is so important I’ve even got a course in my YouTube channel here
and I’m adding more of that into my actual paid course as well to give you
an idea a lot of these as well you should also note that a lot of these
like if you see there was it PayPal don’t don’t don’t associate that that’s
because they’re being redirected to PayPal and then PayPal redirects them
back and it atributes it as like a sale it’s not accurate that’s just them on
their website I wouldn’t say no to that conversion right there as you can see
here we got Yahoo you know and again Yahoo is a part of being lower
conversion rate but still someone come back and purchased okay and and that’s
it and like so a few ideas you can see Instagram has a higher conversion rate
but far fewer sales so you can definitely see Facebook is the main
source but we’ve got plenty of options and you know you’re gonna start running
Google Ads you’re gonna see Google paid traffic and this this direct none
there’s not much you can do there that’s people directly typing in the URL your
website and at times and no matter what you do you can’t see it’s just um part
of privacy policy with Google okay but that is how powerful this report is and
I have not changed a thing you do need to have enhanced e-commerce turned on
which is under admin settings in enhanced e-commerce which you should all
have it turned on but these hacks you know can’t in if you you know focus your
attention towards all right what can I do here what can I do here you’ve you’ve
gotten beginning sales what can I do more what can I do more and all of a
sudden then that 4.75 could become 4.8 4.9 5.0 by a few little tweaks by
looking at some simple little reports like this okay so this is why I say
don’t forget about Google Analytics is extremely powerful
let’s move on to the next hack hack number three organic keyword hack okay
so the reason that this is a part of the list is again like what you just saw in
the last one organic keywords can make you a lot of money and you know you can
run you could run a brand search campaign on
and you can run a brain search campaign on bing and you might be like find some
organic keywords that you could rank for they can become very powerful so you
find this on the acquisition campaigns organic keywords you’re not gonna see
them all there’s gonna be direct none just the way it is as I said but you
could find some maybe some organic keywords you weren’t aware of that you
might be able to open up a scag campaign single keyword ad group campaign and
focus and then like you know that one keyword can lead to 50 other keywords
and there you go you’ve got a campaign that you know has historically shown
good results that you can use as a template to get further better results
so this can really help boost your conversion rate brand search campaigns
is primarily what this is based around if you want to go and watch that it’s in
my channel as well where you can be taught on how to do that yourself so let
me show you exactly what this report is and how to get to it all right lovely so
I’m under acquisition campaigns and organic keywords and you can see
obviously I have to blur out the keywords but my my point is the bounce
rate is the first thing that you should be focused on less than half of what it
is with cold traffic that’s why organic keywords are so important it is half
it’s like retargeting and you can see as a result the average session duration
goes from what it was to we’re even seeing in minutes okay and as a result
our conversion rate is nearly double as well subsequently our cold traffic which
was four point four eight this is seven point seven eight alright massive
massive difference for very little to no work and what you can do from this is
then make decisions saying should I make a brand search campaign on Google should
I make one on bing and I would say yes because these are clearly doing well you
can see a number of these 27:33 only one sale but the one with three second from
the top has twenty seven point seven point two seven percent you can see the
top one not provided you’ll see that in yours there’s not much you can really do
about that unfortunately but seven point four eight percent all right and by
having all of this what this indicates organic keywords is people in search
engines so regardless it is an indication
that you should be running some paid ads on a search engine okay and that’s what
this hack is all about so be sure to keep that in mind and have a look at
that report all right and secret number for the multi-variant hack and why this
sits on the list is it’s actually a very much over not valued hack really in my
opinion as someone myself that sold many products that have multiple variants
okay you could have a pair of pants and the pair of pants could have five sizes
now you can run a report and Shopify and sort of get that idea as well but this
is another way of doing it we actually see in the conversion rate like so
because you you can look at your store and be like all right well of my
experience this one sells the most or buy more of that one okay but you don’t
know the conversion rate of it and then that can help you further with decision
making so all you need to do is go to Google Analytics page conversions
ecommerce and product performance and I’ll show you that in a moment and so
under there you can see the actual variance it’s going to show you all the
variance like I’ve had some products that have had like 20 variants and as a
result you know which ones to buy but you can why this is more important is
you can see the conversion rate and you can use that you can use that
information to determine the order in which they’re seeing so what I mean by
that is you could change the order of the variance with all your pictures and
put it at the top so it seemed first as the highest conversion rate can help
boost your conversion rate if it’s in your drop-down list you can put it at
the top of the drop down list is the default option little things like that
again is what makes a page convert more anyone that follows landing page
builders and stuff like that all say it’s the little things that lead to such
a big thing and for most people just running a default Shopify theme this
stuff will really really help you to bring a lot more clarity into your
marketing and how you can just do a few spend half an hour or an hour just doing
a few of these things and bring you in a lot more sales so let me show you
exactly how this works right now all right lovely so we’re just under there
now and conversions ecommerce product performance and you can see under
product here okay so there’s a number of products this is actually two products
but they have more verax and so you can see here that the
top three is one product and then the the from number four onwards it’s
different one so you can see to give that idea how much of a difference in
conversion rate there so we I’ve filtered as well by an in ascending
order by own unique purchases sorry and you can see by to detail rate so you can
have a look here unique purchases divided by the views of
the product detail page so people end on your page and they’ve subsequently went
ahead and purchased it so we can see how much of a difference it makes this
second one okay has really really bad so why would I show that first maybe I
might not even have it on there at all you know depending on it there’s no
reason not to unless you have you know you have to sell it right but you can
see this last one okay as a much better conversion rate it has so many more
people adding it to cart so basket to detail Product Ads I buy views of
product okay so and as a result our overall can people buying it is much
higher of the traffic that are coming from those purchases so for that product
it’s a lower ticket item that people buy multiple that as a result your I could
we have changed it so that’s the first one so the customers see it so it’s one
less action a customer has to take you know hear me out before I bore you one
less action a customer has to take that you can do for them based on historical
data that shows you a correlation it’s only gonna make you more money period
okay whenever I am scaling a product I look at these reports I look at these
reports and I spend like five minutes it’s it’s a glance value and I can make
so much more money by using these people undervalue the importance of google
analytics that can really help you with this as well okay so you can utilize
this knowledge to really help help you scale much much much more okay so that
that’s the other hat and you can have a look at the other reports as well okay
you can have a look at there’s plenty of reports there while I’m trying to
signify is is that there’s more to analytics there’s more to that than just
Facebook Google Analytics is the king of analytics
and you can see how from four simple reports have been able to really really
hone in on that message and understand what’s going on on my actual website all
right so simple as that now as a last quick little note be sure to attend my
upcoming web masterclass it’s 100% free and it’s 100% alive it’s just under two
weeks from date of release of this video but I’m going to be teaching you how to
find $100,000 winning products how to sell them easily and how to ethically
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be sure to register I’ll show you that in a moment in his 60 minutes just take
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that and it’s also because it is live you can ask me any question and I will
respond accordingly throughout the webinar it’s going to provide a lot of
value you’re gonna get a lot of great stories as well as actionable steps and
actual live actual support with that coming with it as well I’m gonna be
showing you live how to do all that it’s gonna be a lot of fun I’ve been working
really hard on it it’s a new challenge for me so I really
look forward to to presenting that all to you so be sure to go there and let’s
actually have a quick look and showing you how to actually reserve your seat
you can see you can just register there fill in your details and I’m gonna be
teaching you exactly how to do it you’ll be sent an email confirmation and that
is all there is to it so be sure to register reserve your seat you’re gonna
absolutely love it show up early sharp 5 minutes early because your time is
valuable and I like to start on time so that I can focus on giving a lot of
value you’re going to absolutely love it so be sure to reserve your seat and I’ll
see you then and that concludes today’s video thank you so much for watching
today I hope you did find it very helpful and I hope it now has Sean shown
that you can use Google Analytics to make you a lot more money without really
much knowledge in that space at all and congratulations to Valentino 18 for
winning the one on one call with myself just email me and we will schedule a
call together again if you do want to enter make sure you comment hashtag
crush it to going the chance to win and one-on-one consulting call with myself
and as always there is all my links there my noticeboard you know my free
training free Facebook Ads of course my also my webmaster class just announced a
minute ago as well as a Google Ads course free cheat sheet my premium
course my recommended product research tool of sales tools followed by drop
point obviously be sure to subscribe to my channel and much more ok if you want
an affiliate market my course that should be changed to $500 my course has
an increase in price as a result and be sure if you want to be an affiliate to
click that link and sign up it’s hundred percent free and if you do want
mentoring I don’t take on everyone ok guys it’s a simple fact you can apply
there I’ve actually pretty proud I’ve updated that there’s a lot of fun
learning some new things some playlists and again we’ve got the noticeboard
okay I want this noticeboard people to use the noticeboard rather than just
message me about all these things please use the noticeboard these people
are very helpful very friendly people and be sure to to treat them well and
they’ll treat you well okay guys now again I have more videos for the
Facebook CEO Pinterest YouTube a lot of people been asking about YouTube because
I’ve joined a youtube ads mentoring program and I’ve been learning a lot
there so you will be getting some more value there but I haven’t done a
conversion rate video for a while and I wanted to give you something unique okay
and I feel this is a very unique video so I hope it has been helpful be sure to
subscribe be sure to hit that like button be sure
to comment down below hash tag crusher get all the free value that you have
there and I hope you have a lovely day I hope you take care and good bye

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