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EBook Sales and Marketing Tips

Hi Guys, Welcome back to the Reach.Connect.Uplift.Women broadcast. Ok you guys, you wrote a book, you got it self published, but you’re not making any money on it So what do you need to do to make more
book sales and of course that equals more money. So it’s time for
you to get paid for that book. I’m your host, Lany Sullivan and I have Susan Finch with me today as my co-host and Shawn Manaher, our guest, is going to divulge all of his knowledge, all of it, right Shawn? Shawn is the owner of bookmarketingtools.com and he works with authors at all
different levels helping them increase their book sales Hi Shawn. Hey, it is so good to be here. I’m glad to be part of the show. It’s so good to
have you here. We and we have a lot of people who
are self publishing and the flood gates have been opened, right? How do we stand out & how do we get beyond our first major problem
as a self-published author What do we do? Yeah, you’re right the
whole self publishing craze has really continue to take off and I think i’ve
seen a lot of it happening on the non-fiction side in
2014 and 2015 we’re gonna see that even explode further as marketers start to begin to realize that hey they
have a book in them and they need to write about it but that’s another that’s another show altogether but when
we’re talking about the problems that authors face I really think that there are
three major problems are author face and then hopefully we can just jump right
into some solutions to help the authors the the number one problem I see with
authors nowadays in publishing their boooks actually their mindset. And it’s their mindset
about whether or not of why they’re writing
the book are the writing the book because they
want to make money which is okay or are they writing a book
because it’s something of incredible value that
they want to share with the world so there’s been this push because the the entry point to get into self-publishing
is so easy now you could write a book in a
weekend you could push publish in Amazon
enroll in KDP Select in their marketing the book for you you
could promote it really quick and then you could start
getting some sales it really is that easy maybe too easy to see it that
way but the mindset has been why just gonna make a little bit up money offer
this i’ve interviewed self-published authors that have really been killing it one of
those Hugh Howey and the way in which he envisions his
writing he’s not writing a book so that he he can profit from it today he’s writing a book so that his
grandkids could benefit from it not from a
financial gain but from people that are listening in reading his books years
from now so why you know that one of the problems of
her space is that mindset that they’re writing it for money you really need to write it because
number one you just love to write number two you wanna provide value to people that
if you get paid it’s nice but the quality images has to
be really hardcore im really really hot. I love
those things that you just said Yeah. It isn’t just about making
a ton of money and I think when we look at 2015 what authors can do to to sell
more books there’s the differentiation has to
be in how you view your writing that is your writing not because I’m going to
make bank but you’re writing because I’m going to
contribute to society in life in this world that we live in so much so
that when people read the content that i write and the books that I produce they’re
blown away Sean Platt listening to him in his
self publishing podcast that he has with with his group of guys they write again not for today in in this generation but
for it generations down the road so that their writing the best books they can
not just to make a profit and I do love that and I wrote a book I’m not going to talk about my book but I wrote it the reason I wrote it was everybody kept coming to me going Lany how do you do this how do you do this how do you do this it’s like I need to write a book because
I’m tired of explaining it over and over and over but it’s useful
so I like that I love that philosophy
absolutely and I believe that the a lot people have books in them just
have to write it with the right mindset in that mindset be in hey I’m writing because I want to provide that value the the other problem that I’m seeing
there is a skills gap in being able to market your
book we know this this is nothing that
people listening to this we know that authors and writers they’re authors and writers
they’re not marketers and there’s this skill gap and in late 2014 I really saw a lot of individuals serving the author community and providing
marketing tips and to help to to really move them move the needle in being
able to understand authors understand how to market so that is
still a major problem for authors and understanding how to market so people like Tim Grahl Shelley Hitz and others Sean Platt as well provided and have been providing resources to help
authors and myself the author hang out podcast and and what we’re doing to help authors to
learn how to market their books but that’s a that’s a problem in so we
want to solve that the other thing I would say is that is a
as a problem with authors is specifically with
learning how to sell more books is focus that is when they decide to market it is not I’m gonna say this it’s not a shotgun
approach it has to be laser-focused I did this calculation a couple weeks
ago I think maybe a month ago now that if you were to do it right that is if you were to
market your book the right way with everything that is doing
the social media doing the email doing a podcast may be doing a video
doing email marketing doing an offer website all that sort
of thing you would need 6 full-time employees in order to manage all of it right nobody has well I
personally don’t have maybe you guys have it but I don’t have a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars or three hundred thousand dollars a year in order to pay for that marketing to happen and so l
think that is another that’s a problem that authors are facing and so we need to
figure out what what is a as an optimal solution in
order to fix those problems for authors I think the other thing to that goes even before they get to the point of wanting
to market it’s the prep work before so many even think I’m writing a book, now I’m ready to market and I think that’s one of the biggest
problems and its not knowing the order of things you can’t just show up and say Hey I have a book they need to prep everybody get everybody
excited and buy into them first and so people want anything
they’ve done absolutely you wrote it, I want it but without that prep work its it’s already
doomed to fail to me maybe I’m wrong no no you’re absolutely
right the the reason why we wrote the the checklist that we have
at bookmarketingtools.com/freeguide is the ultimate author checklist in one of the
components is the pre-publication, publication, and post
publication processes that an author could and should use in
order to help them to know how to market their
book better and in that’s you said it right is
that knowing what’s the order of these things
should you do this first or this first and that pre-publication work that you
need to get the word out is absolutely key in order to really sell more books so that website
was bookmarketingtools.com/freeguide okay so make sure you guys go get that check list it’s free so that’s really important when you’re
trying to publish and I think it’s good even if you are already published on
Kindle is it gonna be useful to go back and say
let me go check and make sure I didn’t miss any steps and can you know is gonna be helpful for
someone who is already published yes absolutely we’ve had over 2000
authors have downloaded that guide so far in in 2014 and we believe that it’s still
relevant to today as it was when we wrote it a year ago and we’re going to continue to update that as as
things change and whatnot but yeah very nice so we talked about mindset I
think that’s that’s a simple simple thing I think
well I say it’s simple but my philosophy
is that change your mindset and changing your
direction is is easy to do It’s probably easier than
marketing in my opinion and so the skills that they need how do we, where do they go for
skills where do we find the skills that they need I know you listed off a few people but yeah
lett’s dial in on that a little bit yes so skills are are matter of
understanding that plan in which you’re going to walk
through in order to determine where your you have a gap in in your skills so for
for instance if you’re looking to learn how to do Facebook marketing well what I would recommend is you would
utilize resources like Amy Porterfield and and people like her
or other car platforms that you can go to
in order to learn how to do Facebook marketing if you’re looking to do something to do
something with hangouts on air: you know everybody knows it on Google+
somebody that you would use for hangouts on air would be Ronnie Bincer and his
hangout mastery course I’m if it in my mind you in order to
understand what skills you need you need to look at the overall plan of a marketing campaign and then determine
where are you missing those gaps and then I would do simply a a resource check on Google finding the resources whether it’s a class whether
it’s a book one of the books that I love and it help me in in marking my own books
is Tim Grahl’s book your first one thousand copies it is absolutely a step-by-step guide on marketing your book and he
gives a general overview but one of the areas that he focuses in
on and I think we can talk about this more is email marketing what are you doing in
order to build your list your list is really if your gonna do anything your list is
where the money’s at in in we know this as marketers and individuals who are trying to help
other businesses to grow but the work that you can do in order to
build your list is the number one thing as an author
that you could do in order to sell more books and it hasn’t
changed it’s not gonna change in 2015 2014 really helped to emphasize that that is authors were
coming in to say well I need to publish and market my book
what should I do everybody’s talking about email marketing email marketing its like
it was you know when it first came out way to
like oh my gosh everybody has to do email marketing its like this renaissance of email was important even Stephan Hovnanian is going to be doing a
course on email marketing which i think is awesome
is it whether it’s your marketing for
businesses or your marketing for your own books as an author email building your list is absolutely what
you need to be doing and I love that then we’re going to go into the marketing
aspect way more through the next
through the rest of this show because i think that’s a big component, switch your focus or decide what your focus is you’ve got the
resources you’ve got Shawn’s checklist so if you guys haven’t downloaded it yet, go download it and then checking on your
other resources that are out there to learn the skills that you need and you don’t
have to be able to do everything I’m not a graphic designer I actually
hire Susan to do all my graphic designs because I don’t wanna try so you don’t
have to be the pro at every element of the book that you’re producing
that’s a really good point that you raise is that there is a it if you don’t have a skill you’re either gonna have to pay for it
with time or you’re going to have to pay for it with money so one of those is gonna have to
happen in order for you to acquire that skill and if you are going to go out and get skills from other people then my advice is to pay the cost to get the best that
you can in today in 2015 as you’re marketing
your book it has to be good your cover has to be
good your your marketing approach has to be
better than it was in 2014 because it is just going to become even more
competitive so ya. agreed let’s talk about the
marketing you need a system I’m a proponent a huge proponent of systems and strategies and all that but a lot of people they just publish books but they don’t
they don’t like you said they don’t have that marketing experience they don’t have a sales background they’re a teacher who wanted to write this book and now they’re like what do I do I’m
not a marketer’s so how what’s the system that we
need to put in place for marketing or book yes so that’s a
really good question the system I use in building and selling the books that I sell in
building the businesses that I build really has four main components: the
first first component is platform the second is offers the third is email and the fourth is sales so when I look at platforms I
take a much broader approach in the consideration of the platform
when somebody typically talks about author platform they say well it’s your website it’s the only thing
that’s the only platform well I look at it a little bit broader in that your platform represents your
website your social platforms podcasting or video platforms
that you’re on and the reason why I say that is because in each of those you can treat that as
if it’s your you’re only website that is if you
treated your social media like it was the only platform that you
had you’re going to get a tremendous amount
of results even if you’re if if it’s ons on another platform that is if it’s on
Google+ and you treated your like it’s your only on your only
platform like it was your website you’re going to get results so I wanna
make sure authors understand is that in building your system you really need
to make sure whatever platform you’re on on you’ve taken the time to really number one understand the platform how
it operates who are good people to be on that
platform with that is to say if your if your persona for your target market
or your avatar there’s a couple different words that people might be familiar with If the people that you’re trying to
reach are on a particular platform then take the time and make sure you
learn that platform again so that’s that skill side that okay if I’m going
to be on Google+ well what are the things that you need to do on Google+ that’ll make sure that people recognize
that you’ve taken the time to to really set it up as your platform so filling out your bio properly making
sure you have a good image-making sure you have a nice colorful
cover image making sure that when you’re posting its it’s properly set up in a structure
that’s going to make sense for the people that are are
watching it and looking at it making sure that
you are following the rules of the
community each community whether its Facebook
or Twitter or Google+ or Linkedin each of them has a different nuance
that you want to make sure that you’re following so like if you’re on Twitter obviously
that’s a fast quick newsfeed type of environment but on
Google+ people are looking for relationships so
you better take a relational approach in what you’re doing so when I look at
building a system I think of those things of
your your website your social platforms your podcasting your video in the in the the initial components
within that make sure you set it up properly and make sure that your you’re following
the rules and then with all of that whatever
content that you’re going to be producing for those make sure that it aligns to the the group that you’re targeting for
instance on Google+ if people enjoy longer
form pose which they do typically on Google+ then
the most any other social platform that is out there may be linkedin is close to it you might be need to land
yourself towards longer form posts but on Facebook if you’re going more
than two sentences your lost and people lose you they’re like
I’m not going to be there so you really need to tailor your
approach as an author on each of those platforms and it’s simply
learning what you need to do in each of those and you know it all ties it all goes back and forth those three
components the mindset the skills and the marketing there really are interchangeable through
this whole process of marketing your book absolutely so what if we want to put out offers so
people discount their books they put out coupons I know that
something with Amazon I think if your gonna discount amazon has to be the lowest price and
you can’t have a lower price if you’ve got your book on Kindle or on
Amazon so how do we deal with offers and
all of that when I say offers I actually mean that in in terms of what
can you offer somebody in order to funnel them into their list which actually we’ll get to the promotion side when
we talk about the sales but when I talk about offers what I
mean is creating something to bring people in we talked about at
bookmarkingtools.com/freeguide ha..plug the ultimate author
checklist is there for authors to help them learn
how to sell more books and the reason why while we haven’t had
like loads of people we haven’t had 10,000
people download this guy or one hundred thousand we’ve had two thousand people highly targeted to what we are trying to
do through book marketing tools say that I
want that I want that guide because it’s really
worth my time and it worth my effort and so what I would say is is that the
second part aside from building your platforms is
when you build these platforms make sure that your offering something of
significant value in the form of an ebook an assessment free coaching something that’s going to attract people
in so you can move to the next system part of the system which is email and so let me back into offers a little bit further so when I
think I have offers for somebody that is in the non-fiction realm what that
would or could look like is for instance the ultimate author checklist that’s a wer’e in the non-fiction realm where
we’re helping people to learn how to market and sell their books better and so we created this ultimate authors checklist to run them through all of that another idea for and an offer would be a
free assessment let’s say that you run a business for
social media that you’re trying to help clients
individuals and you have a book that also is part of the part of the sales funnel that you’re
trying to get people into so what you might want to do is you
might offer a free chapter of your book along with a free assessment for their for their business and see how you
can help them with their social media so it’s kinda coupling two things
together allowing people to see hey I’m not only going to get a free
chapter I’m going to get an assessment and that’s gonna get somebody into your
sales funnel so that you can ultimately sell them your book when it’s produced or
later down the line when it’s on sale so that’s one of the options money let me grab my note here is that the other thing is is providing
information I alluded to that to the ultimate author checklist but what about your industry as a non-fiction author what do
you do or what can you provide that is going
to be informational that will really help
people to resonate and connect with you lead pages they found that a simple one page guide on the top tools and resources
in order to setup a good landing page was a good resource for them so it
wasn’t a long book it wasn’t a fifty-page book it was
a simple one-page free resource information checklist that
allowed people to see what are the what’s the equipment that you need in
order to set up a good lead pages experience or a good landing page experience for for people and so you look at that as
it’s an informational piece it is a resource that in your
non-fiction realm now you’ve gotten them hooked into because
somebody wants that offer they’re saying this is really worth it to me I’m going to sign up and be part of your
email list ultimately we always think the end in
mind why are we doing all of this while we wanna sell books but we’ll get there in
a sec I talked a lot about non-fiction so I’m hope I’m not rambling too much here No it’s good. I love it cuz I was going to say I love free. I’ll sign up for anybody’s free you know ebook white paper if
I find that it can be beneficial to my business and I’m gonna learn something
from it I’m like you can add me to your mailing list so as long as you don’t spam me and send me junk. I’m good for being on a
mailing list and that’s the other piece of that though okay they’ve trusted me that is not your green light to spam the poo out of them because that there are a lot of companies depending on
the space they’re in that I will not sign up for their white papers for that reason
because I don’t what they’re gonna do with my data and it’s not clear enough and I don’t have the time to read through everybody’s privacy
policies yeah absolutely and I think we’ll get
to that with the email side of this is that what’s the
expectation up front and let’s just quickly talk about it when you’re
setting up your email is that set the expectation so I run a couple a business and one of those
is bookmarking tools the other one is reading deals which is a promotional site for
authors to list their book for free or for paid promotion so that they can
get in front of our over 5,000 now six thousand readers and what we tell the
readers so that’s for the authors on the reader side we let them know when they signed up
that they’re going to get a daily email from us you think daily oh my gosh you’re your numbers are
probably you know the average open rates nowadays
are eight to 12 percent in that’s that’s
really good are open rates are 35 to 45 percent that’s amazing it’s because it set the expectation if
you set the expectation up front and let them know exactly the value that
you’re going to get or what you’re going to get what that
whole what’s in it for me you’re letting them know this is what
you’re gonna get and if you don’t if what’s the word I’m trying to
think if you don’t violate that trust then you are totally fine but if like
Susan said if you’re spamming them with poo you’re gonna get a lot of angry
people and in that is not what you want to do
on book marketing tool side our open rates are in the thirty percent
range all the time because we told them every
Tuesday you’re going to get an email from us
that gives you tips and ideas on how to market your book better so so aside from going to the blog aside
from going to our podcasts aside from the free guide every Tuesday because you signed up with
our list you’re going to get those free those free tips on Tuesday they
love and they’re opening it and they’re clicking through and they’re doing what we
want them to do because we didn’t and we’re not
violating their trust and that’s super important I’m subscribed to you I don’t open your
email sorry but I actually have all of your i know disappointing but I have actually all of your emails they go into a
folder so that way if i’m looking for. you know
specifically for bookmarking tools I actually go to your emails first
before I go searching anywhere else that’s fantastic it is I really
appreciate knowing that because you know we its we get a email list and it’s now over 2,000 people on it and you know forty percent of that what is that eight hundred people on a regular basis are opening it that’s a lot of
those twelve hundred other people who aren’t opening what’s happening to that
I think that I’m happy with those results it’s
good to know how you’re using that because that gives me confidence to continue to do what we’re
doing so ya it’s good yes keep doing it for those of us who
don’t open it cuz we will come back and can open it when we need it That’s a great idea Lany though for when people are sending out these newsletters and you’re trying to build your audience think of like you were saying Shawn earlier that
I’m not trying to do this for today I’m trying to do it for down the road so to create content that people treasure enough you want to hold onto what a compliment absolutely and I have not
subscribed to everything you do yet and now because Lany says it’s that
valuable word of mouth i will absolutely and I think that that is just a huge huge like you
said it was a it’s a compliment and here’s here’s
another thing to do for authors I’m steal other people’s ideas I didn’t
say that too loud but if somebody’s email is getting forty percent open rates then subscribe
to their email and figure out back you reverse
engineer what they’re doing sign up to social triggers sign up
to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income sign up
to these individuals who are reallykilling it and learn what they’re doing as a
way and that’s one-way to to learn how to do email marketing
without having to pay for the cost of course you could just watch exactly what they’re doing one of the things that we copied direct copied from Joe Pulizzi as well
as Pat Flynn is the 411 rule that is when we email people we give
them foir valuable pieces so in six emails you’re gonna get four valuable
pieces of content you’re going to get a connection to us that is we’re going to tell you
where we want you to connect with us in than the last one and the rotation at
every six weeks we’re trying to sell you something so one out of the six emails
is selling one out of six is going to be a connection that is we wanna socially connect and four out at the remaining six is going to be highly valuable content all what’s in it for
them sort of things so that they feel like oh
my gosh this is just I just wanna keep this forever you know your trick of subscribing to a bunch of different ones you gave my secret away are you serious is that what you do I do, I totally do because there are different a variety of different emails going out
different personalities and perspectives and ways to say things and there’s you gotta
find what works for you so do your competitors check your competitors out go to their email and see what they’re
doing because if they’re big if they’re let’s just say if they’re doing better than you then
they probably doing things better than you then so why not just do the work and do
some competitive analysis on it see this is all the stuff that I’m a greedy capitalist right and
I think in these terms and I’m not really but I think in those terms of a very
strategic mindset if you’re an author and you’re like I just don’t get this marketing stuff
then then then follow other people’s lead don’t reinvent the wheel by yourself in
figuring oh gosh I I gotta figure this out no this stuff’s been done for years just
follow somebody else’s lead exactly so I wanna wrap up the hour but our time with sales yeah let’s
do it okay so if you’ve done all of these
things you’ve set up your platforms right you’ve gotten involved you’ve done in in easily in the four platforms of your social media your website your
podcast your video if you’ve connected there if you’ve provided offers if you
gotten an opt in into emails and you’re really
doing it well the next piece is selling and in selling I just have to see this don’t be afraid
to sell I know that early on a very early on said the problem with authors
now is they’re trying to sell well there’s another part of the
problem is is that authors are afraid to sell so if you’ve
given all of this value value value then it’s time to sell so one out of six emails it’s okay to sell the other thing
is is that if you’re going to sell your book then
utilize the resources that are available to you if you’re subscribed to any other
platforms that are out there that you can publish a book on oftentimes they have
opportunities for you to list your book at a free or discounted rate so take
advantage of those specifically Kindle KDP Select program allows you every 90
days to take five days in either list your book
for free or discounted rate and so I would say make sure you do that in addition to
that when you do those free or bargain days you can list your book on sites like well reading deals.com that’s a website that I own that
allows you to promote your book for for free you have
a free option or paid options there are over a hundred different free and bargain books sites that are out
there that you can list your book for free and so if you’re going to do a sales
promotion then sell it utilizing that type of service so that you can get as much exposure out
there then also when you’re selling it make
sure as Susan suggested if you were talking
about your book when you’re just writing it then you should be talking about on social media about your
book when you wanna sell it and so make sure that you’re taking
advantage of that the other thing I would say is this is that there are there are so
many opportunities for authors to now get in front of
audiences by getting on shows like this that is if you want to promote your book then
find HOAs hangouts podcast video review blogs that are talking about and
wanting to feature authors and go out there put yourself out
there and say hey I wanna be on your show I wanna be part of what you’re doing and that not only provides the the producer of that show with
great content but also gives you that platform so that
you can sell your book book tours have really
changed it’s now social media tours yeah
absolutely and I think that book tours are a big big
part of what authors can do but now it’s because I view platforms in more of a
broader I’ll feel to it think of doing a tour on each other platforms that you have
so if you’re on Facebook well why not find
all the groups that you’re on Facebook so that you can do a tour in connect
with the leaders of those communities to get the word out about your book if
you’ve heard everything throughout what what’s been
said today and what we’ve all talked about of the big fundamental things in being able sell books in being able to
mark your books in 2015 is gonna be relationships what are the
relationships that you’ve built and fostered if the reasons the only reason
why I am on the show today is because over a
period of a year year and a half we built relationship we connected on
Google+ and we’ve given and taken and we say you know here plus one share not because we’re what’s in it for me
but just because we wanted to build a relationship is the only reason why on the show the
only reason why you’re gonna be on my show when when I’m launching it in January and we’ll talk about that in a little bit, but seriously it’s about relationships and that’s a great way to end the show build relationships so guys find your focus decide what that is get the
skills and resources that you need if you don’t have the skills and don’t want
to learn it pay for it thank you and buy good skills buy good resources but make sure you
pay good money for it don’t waste your money and then learn your marketing and if
that means that you’ve gotta go and talk to Shawn you need to go find somebody who knows
how to do marketing you know hiring Stephan Hovnanian for email marketing
whatever that is that’s what you need to do if you’re
not a salesperson find a team build a team around you, so Shawn this has been amazing and we definitely went over but it was worth it so where can we connect
with you and I know you have a new website and a new launch so briefly just tell
us where we can connect with you in the new website Ok briefly so most people are going
to be familiar with me through bookmarketingtools.com and everything
that we’ve been sharing about that and where we help authors to sell more books but I am
launching in January in January 15th a a new website called Sidepreneurs and the focus of this is to really help individuals who are locked in their
corporate struggle who want to start a side business while
they’re still working they might want to write a
book while they’re still working they might
want to start a side business while they’re still working and I’m is starting a podcast called Sidepreneurs that is going to help individuals to go
through the process of launching growing and graduating into
full-time entrepreneurship and I am thrilled for
it because I get to interview amazing people like yourself
I’m interviewing Amy Porterfield Jay Baher John Lee Dumas all these other top successful
entrepreneurs to help the Sidepreneurs through the process of learning how to launch grow and
graduate into full-time entrepreneurship awesome, so you guys know where to connect with him bookmarketingtools.com and sidepreneurs.com again thank you very much sidepreneurs.com I’m sorry sidepreneurs.com and Susan where can we connect with you at pretty simple susanfinch.com and
thank you for being on with me today always a pleasure I’ll always do any show
with Shawn see Shawn is a popular man alright you guys if you have not
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12 thoughts on “EBook Sales and Marketing Tips

  1. Ebook Sales and Marketing Tips with @Book Marketing Tools & #sidepreneurs  founder @Shawn Manaher!

    Shawn divulges some of his best tips, go to people, resources and straight up hacks in this fast 35 minute episode with us! 

    26:59 was maybe our favorite part of the whole show. 

    If you want to sell more #ebooks  make sure you listen in to hear what Shawn has to say.

    #rcuwomen   #ebooksales   #ebookmarketing  

  2. As you will hear in this video with @Shawn Manaher & @ReachConnectUpliftWomen, there is more to having a successful ebook than just putting the words on paper (or digital paper). You have to know why you want to write the book, who is going to want to read it and how to get it in front of those people.

    For timestamps of some of the questions answered in this video, check the description on the YouTube Video Page.

  3. thank you so much for all of you , the video was  so helpful for me .. please do more videos in this topics of marketing ebooks  .

  4. Any suggestions on paid advertising on other platforms besides Amazon? Also, do you think it's a good idea to run continuous ad campaigns on Amazon? My experience with Amazons ad campaigns is that they seem to run out of steam the longer they run. Then, if I terminate the ad and restart the same one a few days later, the cost per sale improves noticeably.

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