EDGE Center cultivates entrepreneurial skills
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EDGE Center cultivates entrepreneurial skills

I actually don’t know. No idea. EDGE stands for entrepreneurial development through
guided experiences it’s a place where students
from any discipline can come together and
learn through actually doing things. Running a
business by designing things by creating a marketing plan whatever that is we have the general EDGE center and so
that’s where the web guild is most prominent. We work
with a lot of small businesses and non-profits and they come to us and talk to us about
needing a website or needing a logo. We’ll design and code out a website and we do hosting and maintenance as well for them. Then we start to add other
things on. We do design work in there video editing we have just started to do
social media management we have a group that for four years now
has run an international conference out of the EDGE Center. Any student can
come in with absolutely zero experience and we’ll teach you how
to design or how to code I know that each part of the EDGE center is
gonna give me a little bit towards that one job that I really love. The
thing about the EDGE center is that you’re working with real clients the
entire time. You’re not doing a report for a teacher or professor
anything like that I will have had the real experience as well
as the hands-on experience that not a lot of
other students get. Basically we’re building skill sets. every company out there wants people
that can communicate well, work well with others, drive projects to
completion either as a group or as an individual
those are kinda common skill sets even for students that I would say are
EDGE Center citizens I don’t get a lot of students that come in
just to talk about portfolios every year I get these stories back
from students that say hey, I interviewed for the job they hired
me and after they hired me they told me what made the difference was my
portfolio coming out of the edge Center as graphic
design specifically they are real clients. and I’ve done real logos and it’s hard to
find something involved where you’re an intern but you actually get
to do real work because we’ll put you to work. We’re not afraid of that. it’s a good group of people just
everyone’s kinda carefree this a very friendly atmosphere and
everyone is very willing to help each other It’s kinda do your own thing as long as
you’re doing your work and I also like the hands-on from it and getting to
know everybody is pretty cool too the students are given the opportunity to
succeed or fail I feel like a lot of other universities
they try to control things in a manner things won’t fail no matter what and I
think you kinda need that failure I did a project and it turned out really horribly and it was not picked by the person who
needed that website but I have learned a lot from that
rather than them being like I was a good design people are honest with me, they’re like hey you
could really improve on this or on this and that’s what’s gonna set me apart from other people. When somebody walks into the EDGE center we don’t care what you’re gonna major in. we
know that may or may not make a difference anyway in what you end up doing but the
reality is much of what we do is open to students
from any major across campus it’s really just based on
your interest and your skill sets I wish I had known about this place
sooner cause it’s really a great opportunity to
learn how to do these things every body kinda has their own passionate
story, I think, of what maybe pulled them in initially. To get
involved I would say honestly just walk in the front door and start talking to people talk to Doug
and he can get you involved So I walked down the hall, walked into his office, I said hey Doug my name is Kayla Bushey and I wanna do something incredible

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