EF Global Intern 2018 – Candela Aimaro
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EF Global Intern 2018 – Candela Aimaro

hi I’m con ella mató I’m 19 I’m from Argentina for me EF mission to open the world through the locations means that all are equal breaking down boundaries and walls it is a new a more open allocation that allow us to discover and common truth among all super meals it plays an indication and never stopped in EF classes we can connect with people from all over the world and live unforgettable experiences education turn into smiles hugs celebration tears surprise growth exchange because we don’t only learn by reading or making exercise from a book but also we learn by living through experiences this can be a real challenge for us we can roll and open our minds in ways as we never imagined it allow us to face reality and get to know different cultures sharing ours at the same time yes education means launching into dreaming our creation to be loved new ways that led us to another way of the nation of world we have the future education

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  1. Hi 🙂 How did you render 4K video? What machine did you use to render? Just asking i'm curious about that.. Thank you..

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