Effective Business Online Marketing Strategies – #2 Choosing The Right Platform
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Effective Business Online Marketing Strategies – #2 Choosing The Right Platform

John’s the owner of an online storefront that specialises in supplements. He decides to launch a marketing campaign to promote a new weight-loss supplement for women and places some ads on the Internet to get as many impressions as possible. He quickly realizes that he’s spent over $100 for advertising that’s resulted in no new customers and no weight loss supplement sales. John pauses the advertising campaigns and reaches out to Marketer.Ninja for help. Their team evaluates his campaigns and ads. They find that his ads have been shown to men and to women like Sarah who are young and in-shape. They conclude that John’s ads were directed at people who would NOT be interested in the new supplement. They tell John that he was using a shotgun approach by scattering his message everywhere. This costs more than just the cost of the failed advertising he’s also missed out on life-long customers he would have reached with better ad concentration. They explain he needs to use a laser sight approach by sending his message directly to those who want and need the weight-loss supplement. He’ll spend less on advertising and experience-increased revenues. A better option would be to market to women who are part of a women’s weight-loss support group on Facebook and to new mums that are searching for “How to lose baby weight” on Google as both these groups are the perfect audience for John’s new product. To demonstrate the difference in effectiveness, they help John setup two short $50 campaigns. The Facebook campaign resulted in $300 in sales and the Google Pay Per Click campaign resulted in $238 in sales. John now understands how putting his message on the right advertising platform and in front of his targeted audience delivers the results that are crucial to his store’s success.

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