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Egencia Product Tour – Hotel

Hi, I am Jessica, I work in the training department
of a software company, and I travel a lot. For my trips, I like to book hotels myself
because, even when away, I still want to feel comfy. My company works with Egencia and they always help me find the hotel that’s right for me. On the website or through the mobile app,
I have plenty of options. Big brands, small boutique hotels and even
alternative accommodations. Yet, I never feel lost. It’s even very simple. The preferred hotels and corporate rates set
up by my company come on top of the results list. They are marked with a green label, so I cannot
miss them. Egencia complete the list with the hotels
that would work best for me. They look at what I booked before, what I
tend to prefer in amenities, the travel policy, the distance from the office and a myriad
of other criteria. Sometimes I think they know what I would like
better than I do. I really like how they show me where my colleagues
usually book. That is cool and super useful when going to
a new city. That, plus Filters. Payment options or making sure there is a
gym to get my workouts. Zoom and click on the map, all the details
are there. OK, I got my hotel, let’s pick the room. Price obviously but also at what’s in it Can I have breakfast included and free cancellation? Great! This way, I don’t have to add expense lines
and in the end it’s cheaper for the company. I like to check out for Egencia Business rates. They are designed specifically for frequent
travelers like me. And here, it has Loyalty points included. Okay, this one looks good- all I need to do
now is finalize my booking. There! I can quickly see the recap of the items I
chose, the hotel, my dates, and amenities included. Egencia will send me a confirmation email with my itinerary, a calendar invitation, and all the details of my trip are directly available
on the Egencia website and app, available for both iOS and Android. Speaking of which, I really like that app. It is a life saver when I have last minute
trips. The mobile app even gives me special mobile-only
deals when I book on it. See you later, I just booked my hotel, now I need to pack, this is definitely going
to take me a lot more time!

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