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Egencia Product Tour – The App

Hi, my name is Marion. I am going to show you what the Egencia app
can do for you, business travelers, arrangers, approvers and travel managers. As a frequent traveler myself, I can easily
manage all my business travel needs with the Egencia app. I can access all my trips, including the ones
that I have saved but not booked yet. I have actually saved those 2 options on desktop
and now they appear in the app. I can also retrieve my receipts from my past
trips, which is particularly convenient when I work on my expense reports. Many of my trips have the tag “Group Trip”:
I love traveling with my colleagues! It’s a great way to save money, feel safer,
more productive and of course, it’s fun! It’s easy to create a group trip and invite
as many coworkers as you want. Then everyone can see what others have booked
and choose the same options. During a trip, I can access all the information
I need including how to go from my hotel to the airport or my next meeting by comparing
ground transportation options. The best part of it: All my company’s addresses
are listed here. My travel manager can add messages in the app to provide us some guidance while we are on the road. Another useful communication tool in the app
allows me to message my hotel to ask a question or send a request. Everything we have seen so far helps me navigate
my business trips, but I also book them from the app. I can book my flight, hotel, train and car,
everything I need in just a few taps. The personalized flight search displays options
recommended just for me. I can start my search faster, with little
to none additional information to input. With Egencia, I am confident that I have access
to the most relevant travel options for me. To find the perfect one for my next trip,
I spot a flight that I like and tap on “Similar Flights”. I simply say what I like about it and the
app brings more options matching those criteria. Before booking my flight, I always ensure
that my favorite amenities will be available, like WiFi and power. The Egencia app is also great if you are arranging
travel for others. If one of your travelers needs assistance
after office hours, it’s easy to search for them, view their trips and make a change. Approvers can also manage travel requests
in only 2 taps. Quickly acting on approval requests is key
to avoid price increase and inventory loss. Travel Managers can locate their travelers
in just seconds with an easy access to Traveler Tracker in the app. Knowing that also makes me feel safer, as
a traveler. My name is Marion and I just explained how all the employees in my company benefit from the Egencia app. Imagine what it can do for you. Check out and get in touch.

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