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Email Marketing Components | Customer Acquisition | App Marketing | Udacity

Okay, so let’s look at the different
components of an email. First we have our subject line,
this should be short and draw attention to your email. You’re trying to engage the customer
enough that they want to open the email. This is setting the expectation for
the contents of the email. If you’re promoting a new feature,
say something like that. If you’re telling everyone
that things are going on sale, probably should mention it there. Next we have the content, the content
is the main piece of the email. It’s likely to contain some
combination of text and images depending on your chosen layout. You’re going to want to
find the right layout and the right type of content to achieve
your goals for each particular email, and this is where your
messaging is showcased. So be sure to use a consistent tone. Then we have our call to action. This should mirror
the goal of the email. All of your email components should lead
to this call to action that you want your readers to take. So what is it that you really
want your readers to do, or to get out of this email? We have the from name so
who is this email from? Is it Ebarkment support, or
is it the Ebarkment team, or is it Lauren the Ebarkment COO? What do you think is going to
connect with you users, and what supports the goal of the email? For example, if this is an email about
a new feature or business channel we’re going into, maybe the email should come
from the CEO or the director of product. If it’s about some type of customer
support, maybe it should come from the support team, or
a particular member at the support team. And finally, the from address. This is the email that’s displayed
to the receiver when they receive the email. You’ll want to send your emails
from a consistent address, that aligns with
the purpose of the email. Before you choose your from address,
make sure to take into account the goals of the email, and the general tone,
you’re trying to set. If this is a more personal email, maybe it should come from
[email protected] instead of [email protected] You have options. Now when sending your emails, you can
send a regular old email from Gmail or something like that, or you can choose an email platform, which
most growing companies choose to do. These platforms will vary depending
on the needs of the company. So, when deciding on an email platform, you’ll want to consider the volume of
emails you’re sending, the cost, and features, like automation and
segmentation. There are a few different platforms out
there that are great if you’re just getting started that are pretty
cost effective, like SinGrid, HubSpot, MailChimp. And there are also more robust platforms
that have built in automation, advanced segmentation, and life cycle emails like
Marketo, Responses, and Exact Target. Let’s go to Greg and see what he
has to say about email marketing.

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  1. Alright there! Nice video you have there! On a similar note; have you ever tried " Vidadsmedia Email Tools " (do a google search)? My sister had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great knowledge on email tools!

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