Email Marketing Strategy | How to smash it in 2019
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Email Marketing Strategy | How to smash it in 2019

– Hey, hey, in this video
let’s look at email marketing. We are gonna look at some
success stories and decipher where email marketing fits
into a modern marketing plan now that email is pretty much old school. – Let’s do this. – Let’s start with some cold, hard facts. No one is complaining that
they aren’t getting enough emails, and no one is
complaining that emails are too short these days,
and no one is complaining that we’re not selling
enough in our emails. Yes, they’re facts. – And so this leaves us
in a right old pickle when it comes to our email marketing. So the first thing we really
need to ask ourselves is how do we make people want
to receive our emails? One thing we could look at is length. Personally we hate getting
long emails, and when people are on a mission trying to
clear through that inbox, a five minute long email to
read is just gonna stall them. – Are short emails better? Well we think as communication
moves more towards chat and shorter messaging,
then email should maybe keep up with that and reflect that. Reflect how society is
communicating which is much shorter, and to the point. But we’re millennials, right? We would say that. And looking objectively there are some cases where longer emails are working. – Take Ann Handley’s
Total Anarchy newsletter, which is a genius name may we say. – May we say? (laughs) – That’s a phrase. Take Ann Handley’s Total
Anarchy newsletter, which is a genius name by the way. Aweber recently did an
email marketing study. – We’re gonna drop the link to that below. – And in that study, found
that Ann’s newsletters were over 1,838.5 words on average. – [Andrew] Ann is that good,
she can write half words. – They take roughly 14 minutes
to read, which is kind of sticking it to us short attention
span millennials, right? – Mmhmm. – Ooh a squirrel. – Ann argues this, and we
agree, it’s not necessarily about length, it’s about value. – I thought you were gonna
say it’s how you use it. (laughing) – Inboxes are crowded
beasts, and we open emails that we think are going to give us value. Now we look at giving value in two ways, things that make us smarter and
things that make us happier. – Are your emails actually making people feel happier or smarter? If not, then you might want to
think about changing it okay? Change it, change the value
proposition of your emails. We look at our email newsletter
like a free product almost, so we need to be very clear
what that value proposition is of the free product,
which is our newsletter. – And whether you are
giving value in the email, or linking people to where the value is, that should kind of depend
on your business goals and where you want to drive
traffic, but the value proposition of your email
needs to be really clear. – And once we have that
right we can start measuring. We’ve got four things for
you to keep an eye on. First, delivery rate, ie
how many emails actually make it into people’s inboxes? In an ideal world, this
would be 100% if your list was as squeaky clean as our reputation, but you can expect a
couple of people to not pay their hosting bill
that month for their emails and if your emails keep
bouncing sending to them then delete them off your list. – Next up, open rates. Are your subject lines enticing enough, or getting across that value? We’ll give you a little
clue, company name, newsletter, month, year
ain’t gonna cut it. – Thirdly, click through rate. If your goal is to drive
traffic, then are you actually getting people
to click on your emails, to your blog, or a video,
or newsletter or anything? – And lastly, conversion rates. Are your emails leading to sales? – But hang on Andrew, didn’t you say that people don’t like sales messages? How can we get over that? – I’m so glad you asked, Pete. Two things that we want
you to think about, segmentation and striking a balance. Let’s start with the latter. If your emails are sales
all the time, or value plus sales all the time,
then people are gonna get accustomed to either ignoring them, or at least ignoring the sales pitch. We think a really long
winded, thought provoking, story style email of why
people should sign up for your webinar, or buy that
e-book are a little bit done. Do we agree? – I agree. – So give value and only value more regularly, then you sell. Strike the balance right. I think there’s to many ly’s in regularly.
– Regularly ly ly ly ly. (laughs) And you should be segmenting
your list based on things like what people have
clicked on in your emails, how they subscribed to
you in the first place, and any other information
that they’ve given you. And if you can do that then you can personalise your sales
messages so that they’re not irrelevant and they can actually go to the right people based on segmentation. – We definitely recommend
checking out our email marketing course E-Nailed if you’re interested in email marketing and doing it better. We’ll put the link to that below. Also let us know in the
comments what you might do differently with your
email marketing after watching this video, and
if you have any really specific questions, then just
pop those in the comments too and one of us will answer
you, probably Pete. But, it might be me. – Maybe. – If you’re lucky. – He’s been Andrew, I’ve been Pete. Please sub, sub, subscribe
and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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  1. I clicked on this from your EMAIL, so you're doing something right. Then again, so am I. 😀 Thanks for the shout, A&P! Love you both.

  2. Ive got very segmented list od 30k ppl. I struggle because they get emails from me every4 Days. But i ll change it this year to once a week. But i'm a bit scared that it ll lose The momentum;) . But we will see

  3. Great video guys! Random question – did you build your own site or use an external agency/freelancer? If the latter, who did you use? Cheers!

  4. There you go again…making me smile as I watch your videos! I just realized something horrible. I haven't bought your book yet! 😮I'd better do something about that! 😊

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