Employers Give Students Elevator Pitch Advice
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Employers Give Students Elevator Pitch Advice

I think I would practice. Because a lot of times when you get in front of recruitors or businesses, you get nervous and you kind of forget what you’re saying or what you had prepared and I think if you practice and you really have it down pat you’ll look good and you’ll look prepared. – So, being able to have that elevator pitch is great first of all, but knowing who they are, what they’re wanting to do, what their degree is, are some of the most important things but also, having an idea of what they want to do when they grow up. So having an idea of what path they want to go on, especially with youth, you have to want to work with them! So if they know they want to be that, including that in their elevator pitch will help us target them and be able to identify if this would be a good fit for them. If we know a little bit more about their background or what they’re interested in, a lot of individuals that come through here will happen to have just a general type major and it’s nice to know kind of what their future, what they’re wanting for their future. I think that’s a great question. One of the things I think people really need to understand is, what direction do they want to go towards in your career and start researching that industry and then take it further and actually start researching businesses within that industry. Learn about their culture, read about the publications, so that when they get those opportunities to engage with the potential employer that they can speak intelligently about that particular industry and really showing awarenesses to why they want to be engaged in that profession. – We had one earlier that she asked a lot of really great questions and you know, the conversation went on for quite some time because she did have a lot of questions. So I know a lot of times they’ll walk up to the table and don’t really know what to ask, I’m not familiar with maybe Union County sheriff’s office but once they start asking some questions that are important to them, then the conversation does flow and they quickly can see whether they’re interested or not interested in an organization. So if you’re coming up to somebody at a career fair, I think that you should have an “elevator speech” prepared, so who you are, what you studied in college and what you’re looking to do after college. However, it should be more about a conversation rather than a sales pitch or a speech or something like that. So, to come up know a little bit about the company that you, or the positions that you are coming up to talk to, and just have a conversation from there. Say hi, exchange names, ask a little bit about the company and tell them maybe a little bit about what you know about the company, but then be able to put into words who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can provide to that company without taking up the entire four hours that we’re here.

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