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Encomienda System by Shmoop

¡Hola!, my fellow gentlemen of Spain! I have good news for us all! I just got off
the horn with the Pope, and he has given us the go-ahead to start evangelizing in the New World! We are going to call this thing the
“Encomienda System.” Sounds exotic, right? It is actually quite a bit like our feudal
system of old… but hopefully with less feuding. I hate when our families feud. However, there will be a couple of differences. These… Indian people… must be
told that we now own their land. Unfortunately for them, they never called “dibs.” Our Spanish Lords, the conquistadors, will
offer them protection. I am sure they will happily welcome this protection,
as they currently have no way to defend themselves. In exchange for this protection that we are
graciously offering them… …they will be our slaves. Er… helpers.
Yes, our helpers. That’s the ticket. Of course, our duty first and foremost is
to educate these savages about Christ and his teachings.
This way, we can save their immortal souls. And we want as many souls in Heaven as possible,
because hey — the more the merrier. My fellow Spaniards, don’t sweat it if you
have to treat these Indians a little rough. They can take it. And besides, they are going
to owe us big time. So I’d just like to hear one of them complain.
And it isn’t like they are going to rebel against us or argue that they are being abused, right? They are … not so bright. These poor, stupid heathens need us big time.
So if you must, whip them into shape like the beasts of burden that they are.
The Encomienda System means great things for us… …and for the spreading of Christ’s words. So, grab the next ship, hop on over… we’ll hook
you up with some Indians of your very own! Hasta luego baby!

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12 thoughts on “Encomienda System by Shmoop

  1. This is a very stupid video and this man should learn more about this history before makung a vodieo Fyi it was a sytem to make peace among the tainoes and spaniards not to beat them

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