EnergySage Solar Marketplace Overview
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EnergySage Solar Marketplace Overview

Welcome to EnergySage, the solar
industry’s first and only online comparison shopping marketplace. Before we talk about EnergySage, let’s
talk about how most of us like to shop. We want information and we want choices.
Today, most of us start shopping on the internet. We do our research, compare products and
read ratings and reviews. Essentially, we shop around before making
our decision. This makes us comfortable. We know we’ve done our homework and that we will get the best deal. This is exactly why we built EnergySage. EnergySage is a great, free
resource for homeowners, businesses and non-profits to research
and shop for solar. The platform is built on the belief that
if we give you choices in transparent information, and make it easier for you to shop for
solar panels, you and many others like you are more likely to install solar. EnergySage has received the Department
of Energy SunShot Award twice in recognition of our efforts to make solar
more affordable and easier to buy and sell. We are trusted resource. Today, many
leading businesses, non-profits and municipalities are recommending EnergySage as the go-to solar shopping site to their employees, customers, members and
citizens. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund,
Walgreens and the Sierra Club just to name a few. As a consumer you
have access to a tremendous amount a comprehensive information that helps you
learn about solar. Not just how it works, but what the costs
and benefits are, how to shop for it, how to finance it. Everything you need to
know. You can read about it, you can watch videos or you can learn
from others have already gone solar. We’ve included many community features that
let people who already have solar help and encourage others. Features such as providing ratings and
reviews, sharing success stories and participating in dynamic Q&A forums. To get started, you can use our
proprietary instant estimate tool to see what solar will cost and more importantly what it will save you for your specific property. You just enter your address, identify the
roof where the solar will be installed and provide information about your
electricity bills. Then in a few seconds you receive an amazing amount of
information about what installing solar will cost you and
the savings you will receive. Again the information is specific to your
particular property. Best of all, you never have to speak to a
sales person or share your phone number or email address
to get this information. Getting an instant estimate will not result in
any sales calls or pressure. You may be asking yourself, how can they
give me so much information when I only answered a couple of questions. Behind the scenes, we do a lot of
calculations, drawing on leading industry databases. First, we determine how much electricity
you consume in a year. For several million properties across
the US, you can also tell you how many solar panels will fit on your roof based on
the size the roof and how much sun it gets. We tap into our proprietary database
that captures real-time market prices, the actual prices that your neighbors are
paying for solar. Then we determine how much you will pay for your solar panel
system and how much you will save. How you pay for you
system impacts the costs and savings you
receive so we give you that information for all your financing options. Regardless of whether you pay cash, use a loan or lease your system, you will know how your costs and savings change
with each option. As you can see, solar can be a great investment. We also
tell you how your solar panel system will benefit the environment. If your ball park estimate has convinced
you about the benefits solar can provide, you can take the next step. Getting
actual quotes from our network of pre-screen installers. EnergySage makes it easy for you to get
multiple quotes from several high-quality installers personally pre-screen by us. Our
installers range from your local contractor to larger, regional providers. You just create your EnergySage user
account can you send your request for quotes to our network. You only provide your information once
and we do all the rest. Once your request to sent, our installers start competing for
your business. You then receive quotes from multiple
installers which means you have multiple options. Options for different panels, inverters
and financing. More options and more competition means you’re more likely to
get the best deal. Installers use our templates to submit
quotes through the marketplace. That way the quotes you receive are
standardized and easy to compare. You control the entire process. Creating
an account is simple. The message feature lets you communicate
with our installers without having to share your email address. This ensures your privacy while keeping
all messages between you and the installers organized in one central spot. If you decide that you want to speak to
the installers, we give you the option to provide your phone number. The marketplace dashboard allows you to
manage the entire shopping process online. The dashboard makes it easy for you to
exchange messages, review individual quotes from an installer, and compare quotes from multiple installers.
There is also easy access to relevant information or more help if you need it either online or through an EnergySage advisor. Here’s an example of a quote from an installer. It’s a comprehensive view starting with a
graph that helps you quickly visualize how the savings for each financing
option quoted will accrue over the next 20 years. This helps you to answer some basic questions that will help to narrow your choice. Do I want to invest money up front and maximize my returns over time by paying cash or do I want to save my cash and go with one of the no
money down options either a loan or a lease. The graph shows
you how those choices will impact your cash flow and your returns. We provide details about the system
being quoted along with links to more information such as ratings and reviews for all the
brands included in the quote. Similar to the instant estimate, we give you
cost and savings information associated with each of the financing options being
offered. The information here, however, is even
more precise because it now takes into account the actual system size and particular brand of
products that will be installed. You will want to compare your options across
individual financing methods. We then provide you with a table with
high-level information related to that particular financing method. Here you can make a decision about which financing methods you want to evaluate further. So, for example you can compare all the
quotes for a cash purchase from each of the installers who submitted one. Different installers use different panels and
inverter brands. Because each brand has different
performance characteristics, the proposed system sizes will vary. To make it easy for you to compare these
quotes, our marketplace does all the behind-the-scenes calculations to show you these quotes on an apples-to-apples basis. We provide you with all the information
you need an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format so you can quickly make an
informed decision. This way, you can select the offer that
best fits your needs. The quote comparison table gives you all
the information you need. The top section is a quick summary of
the most important decision metrics. Because the prices and system sizes are
different, we calculate the gross cost per watt for each quote so you are able to compare them. This is similar to
using it cost per square foot metric to compare home prices. Because installers uses different
underlying assumptions in their quotes their savings estimates often vary wildly. To combat this, EnergySage estimates
the savings using a standard set of assumptions for future electricity rate
increases, panel degradation rates and if applicable, SRECs or other performance-based
incentive revenues. That way your comparisons take place on
a level playing field making it easy for you to choose the most attractive quote. The average cost of solar electricity is
an important metric because it helps you to determine if the increased electricity
production of higher efficiency panels is worth the
extra cost. Last but not least, we highlight the return on
investment for each option. For many, this section contains enough
information to make a decision. For those that require more information, the
subsequent sections provide much higher levels of detail. Other financial terms details the
rebates and tax credits available. This essentially shows the details of
how we arrive at the net system cost figure used above. The system detail section outlines
production estimates for each system quoted. EnergySage compares these
estimates to the industry standards established by PV Watts to ensure that
they are in range. There are also links to profiles with
ratings and reviews for each specific brand connecting you valuable information that
will guide your decision making process. The graph summarizes the financial
benefits of each quote and how those benefits are delivered over time. This process can be followed for each of the different financing methods. Comparing solar loans, the process is similar but some of the metrics will change. The loans terms and the interest rates are now included as are the credit scores required to qualify for each loan. Similarly, you can compare quotes for no
money down leases in PPAs. Once you select a quote, we will confirm the details and double check with you. Once you confirm your choice the winning installer is notified. We also notify the installers who did not win your business
and give you the opportunity to provide losing installer with feedback on why they did
not win the business. EnergySage charges the winning installer a small fee. Every installer pays the same fee and only after you’ve
made your decision. That way, we never have any reason to steer
you in a particular direction. We remain unbiased in the entire
shopping process. You make all your decisions based on transparent, easy to
understand information. EnergySage is committed to making
shopping for solar simple and painless. By focusing on three main ideas:
simplicity, choice and transparency, we believe that we can revolutionize the
way consumers shop for solar. The EnergySage Marketplace is a great
solution for organizations interested in promoting solar. EnergySage creates a free customized
website for your program and tracts the participation closely, providing
you with real-time insight to the impact your program is having. For more information about how EnergySage can help you or your organization go solar, contact John Gingrich at [email protected]

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