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[ENG sub] PRODUCE X 101 [X101 INTERVIEW] 20인 연습생이 생각하는 파이널이란? 190719 EP.12

What do the trainees think about the finals? Should I sit down? Hi~ What is this? We’re gonna have a serious conversation aren’t we? Where do I have to look? Hello everyone, I’m Lee Han Gyul from MBK Hello everyone I’m from MBK I’m Nam Do Hyon I’m from Woollim… Just turned 20 I’m Petit Hwang Yun Seong Yeah… huh? Hello everyone, I’m Kim Min Kyu from Jellyfish Hello everyone I’m Lee Se Jin from iME KOREA Hello everyone, I’m from PLAN A I’m Han Seung Woo Hello I’m Kim Woo Seok from TOP MEDIA This place is really cozy Do you remember the first day of training camp? The first day… everything felt like a dream It was amazing It was like a field trip in the beginning I was like Are the 6 of us supposed to sleep here? I got a chance to live with great people I was always in a good mood In the beginning… To be honest, it was really difficult We met each other for the first time I think I said about 10 words ha ha I’m not sure if you can call it training camp We just slept in the room, that’s all Talking with my teammates and eating ramyeon That was the best ha ha It’s very comforting, right before going to bed Can we talk about us eating ramyeon? Who owns the coffee pot in the dorm?
– It’s Jin Hyuk’s The water purifier runs out of hot water If you keep using all the hot water 5 minutes using the coffee pot makes at least 5 cups of ramyeon It was delicious We all had ramyeon together Eating ramyeon Yeah that was a lot of fun I didn’t want the training camp to end I made great memories What performance was the most memorable one for you? The first one,I always practiced and had a test every month But for the first time I prepared a performance with my teammates and performed for the producers I think it’s memorable because it was the first performance During the GroupBattle, when I performedI think I grew a lot, preparing for that performance I had to lead the team, for the first time When we were preparing for the performance I got to help out the other trainees I had to learn the choreography and teach the team members, and I think it really gave me a chance to grow The concept evaluation I guess The 3rd ranking announcement ceremony was after the concept evaluation And most of my team members fromhad low rankings But that didn’t stop us, we practiced really hard It really inspired me DefinitelyI was so happy when I practiced in B class Everything was new, and everything seemed fascinating And when the flower petals came down during the performance I just… loved it When I was younger I used to rip up newspaper or paper I would dance at home and my mom tossed them in the air for me I think , theperformance I had a lot of talented people by my side I learned a lot from them I need to work harder I learned a lot from them, skill wise I liked all of my performances Butreally stands out to me It was my first time performing in front of people after 3 years And I didn’t dance for a long time before that The final live episode is right around the corner, how do you feel? Finals… This is the end It doesn’t seem real I had no idea I would survive till the finals Honestly I still can’t believe it’s happening Now everything feels so real, I guess I was just concentrating on surviving till now I always watched the finals on TV And I’m actually gonna be on stage It feels I can’t even explain how I feel I don’t think I deserve this It’s our first time performing in front of such a big audience I’m a little scared I’m not sure if I can finish the performance successfully The last… It’s the last performance Nothing happened, it didn’t even happen yet I don’t think I need to be anxious about it I just want to enjoy this experience, and practice hard And I wanna put on a great performance And during the ranking announcement That’s when I’m gonna be anxious This performance Is my last chance, my last opportunity I really want to debut Till the last moment I want to put on a great performance I don’t wanna be greedy I just wanna show everyone what I can do My lines/parts No matter what I’m going to practice hard so I can shine on stage A word to the producers that support you Hello producers Hello ha ha First Thank you so much In the beginning, I never thought I’d make it this far You are the reason why I made it to the finals I’m receiving so much love, more than I deserve I just want to say thank you Even though I’m not perfect, thank you for loving me and supporting me Thank you for all your attention and love Thank you so much for your love and support Thanks to your support I made it to finals You are creating the path in front of me I know that, very well I made it to the finals thanks to your support The finals are less than a week away For the 81 trainees that didn’t make it I’m going to do my best during the live finals I’m going to make you proud So please support me Have faith in me, and please vote for me one last time I’ll show you a great performance at the finals I’ll debut and make you proud I really want to debut Please help me out Please vote for me And please support me I hope this is a new beginning I have so much more to show you So please look forward to it I’ll always be with you Don’t worry Please send me your love and support And I’ll make you proud Thank you! Thank you for supporting me when I made mistakes And complimenting me whenever I did a good job Please love me and support me Thank you Bye~ I love you Thank you! Fighting! Thank you! Petit… Fighting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Bye~ I love you~ Every Friday at 11 PM

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