[Eng Sub]Jinri Market(Sulli)-EP16(Taeyeon & Wendy Cut)
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[Eng Sub]Jinri Market(Sulli)-EP16(Taeyeon & Wendy Cut)

You weren’t by my side for the entire day.
Nor did you check my break times. Did I even have a manager today? Sunah was the only one who checked how
I was doing. [Episode 15. Everyone’s Jinri Market] [The evening came so soon]
Thank you for coming. [Sulli is hard at work]
Please come again next week. – We’re going to do another pop-up store
with cosmetics. – Really? – Yes. [Taeyeon came without telling Sulli] [Sneaks in] [She doesn’t know that Taeyeon is here
because she’s busy working] [Taeyeon is hiding]
I think she’ll be able to see me. [Someone is here!]
Oh my gosh! What’s this? [Wow] What’s this? [#She_loves_this] [#So_pretty]
What’s this? That’s not the Jinri Market edition. [She quickly puts the cap back] [Sorry, my mistake]
– Where? – Over there. [The Jinri Market Edition ZONE]
Hello, please try on our hats… – All of these?
– Yes, 12 of them. They’re pretty. I like this material. This is a limited edition. Jinri. Wow! Mirror. [Taeyeon is a big fan of Sulli] – I think it would be pretty if you wear a smaller
size. – Right? – Yes. [Business mode 1]
Would you like to purchase one? [Business mode 2]
There’s a black color too. [Tells her proudly]
– We worked on it together. – Together? – Yes. [Picks the black one]
Then I’ll have this in black. [My Way Cap sold]
One My Way Black Cap and… [My Way…]
– My Way? – That’s the product name. You can do whatever you want when
you wear this cap. The moment you put this on. My way. Great. The black one and a beanie. [Jinri Beanie] – Do you want the long beanie?
– I have one on. Would you give me a long beanie too? – So pretty.
– Will you take these 2? – Yes. [#Taeyeon_loves_it] [#Jinri_Beanie] [She still doesn’t know what’s going on]
This way please. [She’s so well focused…]
This way please. [She’s going to meet Sulli right now] [3] [2] [1] Oh my gosh! How have you been doing? Listen… [CEO Choi]
I heard that you became a CEO. [OFF (Twenty) Five year old Sulli]
Wow, look at you. [Yeah (It was so difficult)] [Aww (Was it? You did great though)] This is how we talk.
It’s our language. [Taeyeon & Sulli’s language]
[1. Yeah=(It was so hard)] [2. Aww=Did you have a hard time?] Taeyeon, Taeyeon, Taeyeon, Taeyeon. How did you make it all the way here? How? I head that you were doing a pop-up store… – How did you make it all the way here?
– I heard all about it. When would I ever be able to see you
if I don’t come to events like this. Did you know there’s a huge line waiting
to see you? Thank you. – Have you been doing well?
– Yes. People think that we see each other all the time – but that’s not true, is it?
– Nope. [Both love staying at home] [So hard to meet up]
We both love staying at home. – We don’t leave the house and we just keep
saying we should meet soon. – Yeah. [PHOTO TIME] I love you, sister. – I missed you so much!
– Me too. I missed you too. – The first snow of the season came.
– Yeah. So I thought, that’s my cue to leave the house. – That was my cue to leave the house today.
– This is so unbelievable. It was a sign that I should come to your event. I’ll never forget that you came to see me.
Thank you. No, no.
It’s so amazing. – Did you put makeup on just to come and
see me? – I’m wearing mascara too. I put it on myself… I got ready at home. Why are you so tall? – I’ve gotten a lot taller. I used to be smaller
than you when I was young. – Yeah, you’re tall. [Whoa] – Take care on your way home.
– Good luck on your business. – Yes, thank you. Fighting! – Call me.
– All right. – Good luck.
– Yes. I’m suddenly energized after seeing you. – Fighting!
– Fighting! – Good luck.
– Fighting! Have a safe ride home. [Bye bye] I was so touched that she came to see me. I never thought that Taeyeon would come. Why are you smiling? Where you that happy to see Taeyeon? He has a huge smile on his face. Hello. [OFF (Twenty) 5 year old Sully]
Thank you. [ON CEO Choi]
What’s your name? Hello. What’s your name? Hold on. Thank you. 1, 2, 3! – It’s an honor. – Thank you.
– Thank you. [Just a bit more!] [Another guest comes to see her] [This guest just marches on in] Our CEO and Mimi the intern worked
on it together. [Rushes forward]
I want to say hello. [Sudden confession]
I’m a huge fan. [Doesn’t know what’s going on 2]
Hello. What’s your name? I want to say hello to WENDY!
I’m a huge fan. [Red Velvet’s WENDY] Don’t forget that this is work. But I’m a fan. Please recommend a product for WENDY. Why don’t you tell us what kind of style you
like or a product that looks good to you? [Looking around]
– All of them are the collaboration line? – Yes. [Fan of WENDY]
Personally… [Stands next to her + enthusiastic reaction]
– I love these colors. – Right? Corduroy. You don’t have to put them on all the way.
Just hold it to your forehead. [Such a good business woman]
You can see how it looks like this. This is hot the fit would be. Like this. It looks nice. Really nice. – It would look nice if you get the right size.
– It’s a great color for your skin tone. It’s nice. You’re just so pretty. – She’ll probably get all 4 of these.
– All 4. I think these are better. What should I get? She’s having a hard time choosing… – I’m bad at this.
– Yeah. – I think this one is nice too. [Oh no…] [Thinking hard] [We’ll help you out!]
– Get this one. – Yes, that one. – Fix! Fix!
– Yes. I’ll take one of these.
I’m not angry. No way! Huh?! [Gets up] She’s surprised again. – She’s surprised again.
– Hello. Wow. – Thank you so much for coming.
– No, no. How did you have time? Yes, I came straight after work. – Wow…
– It was close. Thank you so much for coming. – I love hats.
– Thank you. I needed caps to wear for when
we practice dancing so… – They’re so pretty.
– Really? Thank you.
Do you mind if I sign them? – May I…
– Yes, please. I’ve never done this before. – We’re friends. We’re the same age.
– Seungwan. – Should we take this opportunity to…
– Speak casually to each other? Should we? – We tried that once.
– And then we didn’t talk for a long time. It’s been so long. Yeah.
Thanks for coming today. It would have been better if the
other members could be here too but they had work. Let me pay. Thank you. – You took out your own card.
– Of course. Please take a good shot of this.
That I used my own credit card. [Her own credit card]
– My own card. – My own personal credit card. – My own credit card.
– Her own credit card. – Thanks.
– Thank you so much for coming. Me too. Thanks. I’ll send the pictures after a little editing. – Yeah, they’ll probably need to be edited a bit.
– All right. – Fighting! Fighting!
– Fighting! – Thanks, thanks.
– Goodbye. – Bye.
– WENDY. [The desperate goodbye of a big fan]
– Goodbye. – Bye. [Bye my friend]
WENDY… [This is the timing to work up some energy
for Jinri crew] We should say fighting! Fighting! – Fighting! Fighting!
– Fighting! Fighting! Fighting! Fighting! [Passionate Mimi]
Do you want fight? The one with Jinri’s mole… [Me?] – This is the cap with the mole.
– Here it is. I watched all the episodes of “Jinri Market”. – Really?
– Yes, I’m a huge fan. – Did you see us on it too? Us too?
– Yes, all of you. [A fan of “Jinri Market”] – I watched everything
starting from the teaser. – We were so.. We were so nervous. [A picture with President Han!] [#And_with_Manager_Nam] [#With_Mimi_Intern_too] [#Picture_with_CEO_Choi]
See you again next time. [#You’ll_come_to_the_next_pop-up_right?] [A middle aged fan] – Hello.
– I love you. You’re like a daughter. – Thank you.
– You’re so pretty. What’s your name? – Thank you for supporting me like this.
– Is it going to be here? [CEO Choi mentions the next pop-up event]
– We’re having another one next month. – Here? – Somewhere else.
– I can look it up on your SNS channel. Did you eat dinner? I’m going to. Thank you. Hello. [A little boy customer] You have a present for her. [Here you go] – Thank you.
– For you. – Thank you. [Fighting]
That’s so nice. So nice. Thanks. Bye~ [CEO Choi looks at him lovingly] Hello. [I love her so much] – I was your fan for 9 years.
– Really? – I wasn’t able to go to your fan signing event.
– Really? I’ll probably have a fan event early next year. Please have one.
I’ll be there. Please come. Thank you. – You must have had a hard day today. Starting
from the morning. – Thank you for waiting. Whenever I think of you, – my heart aches.
– Really? [All the different fans really relate to Sulli’s
feelings] You look so different from me but… – Are we alike?
– Yes. There’s so much I want to say. I hope you do a lot of things that you
want to do – and I’m sure you’re going to do really well.
Fighting. – Thank you. Every time I read the interview you did in the Elle article wearing the black dress,
it cheers me up. Thank you. I’ll have to read that piece again when
I go home. Thank you. [I think I’m prettiest when I’m doing
something that I really want to do] [I’m a person that has to do what I
really want to do] [That’s when I feel the happiest and prettiest] [- Sulli’s interview from “ELLE”] [Time to close] – Are we done?
– We only have 1 team left. [The last customers are left]
We’re done with the lines. [Time to close]
Goodbye. Are we done shooting? [Manager]
Kyungil. I need to talk to him in the back. All right. I want to talk to him in private. It’s scary. How can it be less scary? Should I wear this? [Nervous] [Anxious] Hit me so it would make me angry. [What’s going on?] [30 minutes ago] Get all angry and then we’ll carry a cake in. A prank camera. [For Manager Nam’s birthday]
[A prank camera!] [Today’s concept] [So sensitive]
– I’m going to pretend to be sensitive. – Yeah. [That’s the concept for today]
[I have to make this work] Hit me once so I’ll get angry. – So you’ll get angry?
– Go ahead. – Like this.
– OK. [Thud!!] [Sulli is happy] [They’re preparing for the birthday party upstairs] You weren’t by my side the entire day. [CEO Choi is acting]
I asked you to check things but you didn’t. [I’m checking the camera]
You didn’t check my break times. [Getting into the moment] [She can’t hold up
her face] Who was my manager today? Did I even have a manager today? Sunah was the only one checking if I was
doing OK the entire day. [What should I say…] Why don’t you tell her to be your manager then? [Oh… Bad call…] [What are you saying…]
– I’m just… – What are you saying? [Trying to stop her]
I’m right about everything. What did I do so wrong? [Whew] [Danger] [Don’t get weak] I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry. [Runs away] [Manager Nam looks so worried] [Did we succeed?] Was that it? I didn’t get to hear what happened
from the start. [Sulli hurries inside] That was it. I didn’t know she was angry. [Trying to buy Sulli more time] It wasn’t like
I was by her side the entire day but… She’s coming. [Oh no I ruined it. [Sunah, you know how I feel, right?]
[Happy birthday to you] [What is this?] [The prank camera was a success!]
Blow out the candles. [Joking]
Happy birthday. [#Come_on_everyone!] [#Can’t_believe_this]
Happy birthday. [#She_can’t_speak] Sorry for my bad acting. I apologize for my bad acting. You were such a bad actor. – I told her once more on the way up.
– Let’s take a picture with the cake. 1, 2, 3! How have you been doing? Thank you so much for coming. I missed you. [Sulli’s first step in the world] [Thanks to all the people on her side]
I’m on your side. – Thank you.
– Thank you. [The first pop-up event was a huge success]
Thank you for being on my side. I’m being energized thanks to you. Eat well, OK? Fighting! I’ll never forget this. – You can forget it.
– You’re so pretty. Forget about it. I’ll be back for another event. [It must have been a huge burden carrying out
this project but I’m so proud of you for doing this] [my way, I’m rooting for you -Taeyeon] Jinri Market. [Produced by SM CCC LAB X JINRI MARKET]
It’s such a cute name. It’s perfect.

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100 thoughts on “[Eng Sub]Jinri Market(Sulli)-EP16(Taeyeon & Wendy Cut)

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  4. To those people who did it for Sulli you did a great job.. Everybody knows Sulli must be so so lonely.. And she deserves to be happy..

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  14. Jinri's face when she saw taeyeon reminded me of the good ol days between f(x) and soshi :((( she literally looks like the same giant baby back then. She looks like she misses taeyeon alot espiacially with the background they had being taken care of tae even before debut

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