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Engaging Customers: Considerations | Measurement Fundamentals | App Marketing | Udacity

Engaging with your customer,
isn’t always as easy, as it may seem. Some companies have gotten themselves
into some pretty sticky situations, because of the lack of thought, they put
into responding to customer feedback. One example, is when Lululemon,
a popular yoga clothes company, blamed their customers for
the flaw in their yoga pants. Their response was not consistent
with the tone or the voice, the company typically
displays to their customers. When your responding, their goal should
be to attempt to make things right for your customer, or sincerely
offer what ever support you can. You’re going to want to keep track of
complaints, suggestions or feedback and use this opinions as options
to improve your product. Now, when you want to respond
to customers keep in mind the following things. Don’t wait too long to respond, but make
sure you’re not being overly reactive. When you can,
try to avoid templated responses. Well, it may be easier for
your team, to just send them out. You want to show each customer
that you appreciate the feedback, because after all they’re only trying
to help you improve your product. And because of this, you should
thank the user for their feedback. If there’s a problem, take ownership over that problem,
it is your product, after all. If it’s something the customer
could do to improve the problem, try something like, hey,
your feedback was helpful, or sorry you’re having trouble with,
[INAUDIBLE] Viewing the settings. We may not have been clear enough as to
where you can find it, so try clicking in the lower left hand corner to see
your settings, if it doesn’t work, go ahead and reach out to [email protected] .com
and we’ll try to fix it right away. And finally, like I said before,
monitor the situation. Make sure you’re tracking
all of the feedback and you want to make sure whatever
problem customers are having, end up being solved. Make sure you’re listening
to the feedback and getting the full story
of what’s going on. If somebody gives you feedback like,
I like that you offer vet service for my dog but it could be better,
this is really vague and it doesn’t really help you build off of. So we,
at Should attempt to reach out and get a better understanding of how we
can improve their customer experience, which could help us in the long run and
make more customers happy.

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