Entrevista al canal digital de Vodafone | Walmeric
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Entrevista al canal digital de Vodafone | Walmeric

Video interview with Vodafone Manuel Rodríguez, Digital Marketing Manager and José Hernández, Digital eCommerce CRO Specialist I am Manuel Rodríguez, I have been 11 years working for Vodafone Nowadays, I am working within the digital division, in the sales part within this division Everything related to conversion optimization and sales processes in our sites at transactional and assisted level where call center agents help users to accomplish the sale and this is the career path I have followed in Vodafone I am José Hernández, Lead Management responsible in Vodafone 4 years ago I started working in analytics and afterwords in the eCommerce These days Vodafone is facing the challenge of increasing in activity within the digital channel we know is the channel with lower costs and better user experience therefore we are trying to offer to our clients and new clients all the possibilities to register in our eCommerce easily in our digital channel But we also have to combine it with assisted sales because we have identified that our clients and new clients come to our website and need assistance so we have the challenge of making the digital and website activity grow and also to optimize the assisted sales process by commercial agents offering the best service to our clients Recently, we have launched a new project with Walmeric that is helping us to obtain visibility in purchase intention, in identifying client segments the combination of that data linked to Walmeric’s technology have provided us with truly good results Our conversion rate have increased by 2% regarding what we had before We think that from all those contributions there is not a secret to generate a distinguishing conversion from one day to other but that collaboration and assistance on specific stages to get better with innovation it is what has given us this last improvement that at the same time have an effect in our partners making more efficient the whole sales’ procedure and transaction to purchase I would add that permits other suppliers to assume or be more flexible when gathering new initiatives from a third party seeing what it brings in a way that has more sense because it gives them higher possibilities of brodening horizons and achieving productivity Regarding innovation without any doubt Walmeric is the partner who supports us with new initiatives I believe they have perfectly understood our needs and the changes within the market and at a corporate level because we have changed our needs since we started our path together and they have known how to have space for those necessities by means of innovation They have made us valuable proposals that have begun to take shape being very useful for us in optimization and have been able to contribute with that component of innovation that sometimes is the only way to help us to improve day by day and makes us more efficient We started working with Walmeric in 2016 at the begining Walmeric was our tech partner to help us tracking our digital activity linked to the offline environment to the telephone services in order to match what happens with a call and how they relate to prior moments: visit to the website and lead generation in order to obtain useful conclusions to optimize investment For two years we have been working on projects related to leads optimization, projects on how to be more efficient when managing all digital activity and in those processes Walmeric has been a partner that, with technology, is helping us to extract the logic, to make propensity models very useful to us and with corroborated data about how to deliver a more efficient sale and more satisfactory to our clients I would say that besides improvements, to have an end to end process changes the organization methodology the way of communicating with your team For all teams is mandatory to understand the process from begining to end and that has stimulated people to interact differently within the company more efficient to get all the work done.

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