Ep. 6 – Book Marketing Plan, 9-Word Email for Replies, Direct Offer Sales Email Example
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Ep. 6 – Book Marketing Plan, 9-Word Email for Replies, Direct Offer Sales Email Example

– You’re watching episode six
of the Vyral Marketing Show, today, you’re going to learn how to create a free book funnel to give away
your book if you create one, as well as how to maximize
the replies and engagements you get from your emails,
as well as a direct offer email example to send to your database to generate business now. (upbeat funky music) So welcome back to episode six
of the Vyral Marketing Show, we’re here to help our
clients, entrepreneurs, professionals, business
owners, attract, not chase, attract more business with
education-based marketing, specifically video marketing. That could be books and content
and podcasts and articles. And today on the show, to start off, I have my great friend here, Hoss Pratt, Hello Hoss.
– Hello everybody! – Hoss is a wonderful,
fantastic, very knowledgeable expert business coach, author,
speaker, consultant, adviser, primarily in the real estate space, where we have a lot of
clients here at Vyral. And I invited Hoss on the show because you just recently
completed writing, or it’s almost done, your book. – Yeah, getting ready to go
to print, Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint
for Real Estate Success. – So, Hoss has written an
incredible book, how long is it? – About 270 pages. – 270 pages. 270 pages of great advice
on how to make money selling real estate.
– Absolutely, jam-packed, and it’s a tactical how-to, step-by-step. – So we have got to get people to read it. So the question is, how
do we get the word out? So, Hoss came down to San Diego, and we’re doing like a
little consulting gig today, and we sat down this
morning and he asked me, “How should we go about getting
people to read the book, “and where does that fit
inside my marketing strategy?” Or you can call it your funnel, what’s the initial offer
all the way down to probably some type of
coaching or one-on-one advice that you sell at the
very end of the funnel. I showed him an
example of a Youtube ad I saw a few months ago that
I thought was incredible. I never met this individual, and I’ll see if I can get his last name right, his name is Phil Pustejovsky. – That was close.
– Was it close? – I think so!
– Phil Pustejovsky, he has a wonderful YouTube
channel, I saw one of his ads, giving away a free book in
return for an email address, which brought you down the funnel into his apprenticeship program, which I would assume is
some type of group coaching or one-on-one coaching of some type, and that’s the exact same
funnel we’re going to do. What we’re going to do is we are going to offer the book available,
whether you pay for shipping, or you buy it or it’s
free, we’re not sure yet, but we’re going to market
that book everywhere, and they’re going to register to receive that book, and
then they’re going to read that, they’re going to get to know
you through your content, and then the very next step is going to be most likely either come
to one of your events, or speak on the phone
with you to get involved with one of your various
coaching services. That’s going to be the plan.
– That’s it. – [Frank] So what do you think about that? – Yeah, I think it’s good,
I think it provides value the whole way down, and
as far as marketing goes, it follows best practices for sure. – So let me just ask, tell the
audience one more thing here. What makes your coaching unique? Why should someone get
involved with you, Hoss? I appreciate you being on the show, why don’t you tell everyone– – Yeah, I think, for us, we
are a systems-based business, we understand, especially in real estate, that it’s important to
follow proven models, and we are very structured
in how we deliver our content and training in a systemized approach, and that’s typically where people, they find the most value
in us, when they’re looking for a specific system,
a step-by-step guide. All of our products are built like that, the book’s like that, and
that’s what separates us, is not only do we teach you,
we don’t give you just theory, but we give you the tactical
step-by-step approach. – And what I’ll add on to that, and before we get into to the
next section with our Q&A, is what really makes a firm stand out is you have one central
message of how we do things, so here at Vyral
Marketing, we have our core video marketing plan of
the two videos a month, all of our clients, all
you clients watching, we know that that two-video-a-month
video marketing plan to your database delivers results, and all roads lead to us,
after you join our VIP list, to our free video
marketing planner website, that’s the plan. And it’s the same thing
with Hoss, he has his book, that’s his plan for you
to become successful selling real estate,
residential real estate, and all roads lead to that book. So I’m excited to market that, and thanks so much for coming down to San Diego, Hoss!
– Absolutely, yeah, it’s going to be great! – So that was Hoss Pratt, my good friend, he came out here to San Diego, I’m spending the rest of the day with him to create that book funnel. Now we have Scott Sillari back on the show, good to have you, man. – Yeah, love Hoss, he’s amazing. – So let’s go to our very first question. – Hey Frank, Lisa Burridge here with Lisa Burridge &
Associates Real Estate in Casper, Wyoming. So, Andrea, who by the
way is totally awesome, I want to know, Andrea
gives me back the list of all the people who actually click on or open the emails that we send out. Here’s my question. Should we expect to get back
a reply from those emails? Because I just want to know
if that’s common or typical, or, do we just judge the
effectiveness of those emails by the repeat and
referral business we get, and do people really ever actually mention that the reason they’re calling us is based upon the emails we send out? So, if you could answer that
question, I would be grateful! Have a great day, Frank! – So thank you so much
for the video, Lisa, Lisa is up in Casper, Wyoming, and thank you for all the
kind words about Andrea, she’s a wonderful
marketing specialist here, who you work with, and Lisa’s question is, when the video emails, I’m assuming, the video emails go out,
should she be expecting replies to those video emails, and
if not, how do you measure the results of your campaign in that case? So what I want to do today,
Lisa, is I want to share with you the three types of emails
that you’ll typically send to your list. Now, to directly answer your question, can you expect replies to
your emails, let’s say, or let’s say, even people messaging from your videos on Facebook. The answer is no. I don’t feel, and we have not seen people necessarily
consistently replying back to your video emails, or
messaging you on Facebook because they saw one of your videos. – Yeah, I think that the
word you use is consistently, it’s more a sporadic thing,
like maybe you’ll get a random one.
– If you’re lucky. – Yeah, you get a random message, or someone will say something
nice about the video, I know you’re going to go
into the other three, but you’re not offering,
so you’re not asking for them to respond, it’s just
top of mind type of email, to stay in touch.
– That’s key. You’re not asking for them to respond, so the first type of
messaging you’re sending out, is let’s call that the
foundation of your strategy, these are your branded
educational messages, it’s designed to educate people, and basically at the end of the day, get people to know who you are. The number one benefit of this
show, why we publish this, is just so you get to know me and Scott, because you’ll probably end up
working with us at some point here at Vyral Marketing. So Lisa, the goal of
your two videos a month in the Vyral Marketing Program is to position you as an expert,
get people to consume it, and get people to watch it
and read it, and that’s it, so there’s a relationship developed. Now, it’s hard to measure that, because you’re not getting
any feedback from it, but it is happening, and
we can track the opens, and the clicks and the engagement to see, are people actually
engaging with your stuff? And that’s how you
measure the branding side of the two videos a month,
is, is it being consumed, and is it being consumed
by the right people, okay? So, the next type of
email is probably what you were more looking for, Lisa,
is a conversation starter, let’s just call it a
conversation starter email. And these are very simple
emails, short, short, short, designed with a subject line
that says quick question, or hey, or maybe even no subject line, where it’s no subject, and
just has a simple message in there, saying, “Hey,
here’s the situation. “I have this question, what do
you think about this,” right? Now, what I want to share with you, Lisa, as an example for this, a long time ago, I was listening to a podcast by two of my favorite marketers,
Dean Jackson, Dean Jackson and Joe
Polish, love those guys, they have a great podcast
called I Love Marketing, and there was an episode
where they talked about the nine-word email. And this nine-word email
has, for us, and for clients, and for anyone that we test it on, has had the most response
of people replying back, and they can’t do it all the time, but you can send this nine-word email out to pretty much any list to get a response, and that nine-word
email is, are you ready? – I’m ready.
– Alright. – Nine words, I’m going to count. – Well, I didn’t write it down, so hopefully it’s nine words. But basically it’s, still interested in buying a home in San Diego? Maybe it’s eight, well,
I guess it’s two words. – Maybe we’re missing a word, but, you get the point.
– You get the point, it’s short. Still interesting in buying a home? Still interested in selling
your home, in your case, Lisa, as a real estate agent, but that could be, are you still interested
in your tax returns, are you still interested in losing weight, if you’re a fitness trainer. Are you still interested in buying coffee if you’re selling coffee, whatever, right? And you send that simple one-line message out to your whole list, and hand to God, you will get a lot of responses, yes and nos, and that will be able to filter down who you
want to be speaking with. So I recommend every now
and then, not too often, it’s up to you and your comfort level, depending upon the list, sending out the nine-word email out to your list to be able to spark a conversation. Right?
– Yep. – On top of that, to start a conversation is when you send your two
videos a month out, Lisa, you’re going to know who watches the videos, because we report those names back to you. So when that email goes
out, there’s a video link in the email, when someone
clicks it, we know. And I recommend you follow up with each of those individuals with
some type of short messaging asking, are there any other questions I can answer for you? So for example, if I saw,
Scott, that you were watching one of my videos, because
it came back in my report, I would either email
you or call you to say, hey Scott, I see you subscribe to some of my helpful videos
I send you from time to time, just want to know if you have any questions I could answer for you now
or on the show in the future? – Yeah, or even asking for feedback about that most recent
video that you sent, that’s a good way to start– – And that is a conversation
starter, so the message here is it starts with the branding
so people know you, because no one’s going to start a conversation unless they know you, so it
starts with a branded video so they get to know you,
the two videos a month, and then you add on top of that
some conversation starters, either out to the whole list again with a simple nine-word email,
or to the people that opened and clicked the links in your email, the people who watch it, to
get some conversation started. Now, number three, and
we’ll get more to this later in the show, is
a direct offer email. Now, a direct offer
email is a longer email that goes directly for someone’s pain, and offers it immediate solution. Now, a direct offer email,
we recommend here at Vyral, and we’re actually going
to incorporate this more into our core plan for all of our clients, is not only should you be sending two branded videos out a month, with some light call to
actions with it, that’s fine, but also, every quarter, I
want a direct offer email, saying if you have this pain,
I have your solution, act now, every three months out to the
list, on top of that base, that branding where
people get to know you. – The key to the direct
offer working so well is when you are doing those branded videos and adding value for three,
four months at a time ahead of time, so they’re
getting to know you, then the effectiveness of
that direct offer is huge. – So, an example direct offer email, probably one of my
favorites that I’ve written for our real estate clients, is my magical seller lead generation
emails, and we’ll pan to an example of that, it’s maybe about a 500 or 600-word email, and that may be a little bit too long, but it’s a longer email, basically says, here’s what’s going on in the news, if you worry about your home
prices, things are changing, here’s some statistics,
you may be wondering what your home is worth, you
can click here to find out, or you could email me or message me, but if you’re thinking of buying a home, you can go here to search
all homes for sale, want to let you know I provide
these things for free, contact me if you need help! So a simple message like
that four times a year, every quarter out to your database, on top of the two videos a month, and even the conversation
starters, that whole package is going to maximize your responses
to your communications, and we want to take care
of all that for you here, especially two videos a month, as well as direct offer emails, the individual conversation starters, we recommend those one-to-one, on your open and click
reports that we send you, or you can send the
magical nine-word email out to your whole list
to start a conversation, if that’s something you’re interested in, so that’s our answer, and Lisa, we have a $25 gift card coming your way for submitting a question and
getting an answer on the show, thanks so much! So in the last part of this show leads me to my direct offer email example, something I recently came
across by email inbox last week, and I thought it was just
such an incredible example, I had to pull it and show it to you to go a little bit deeper
in what I talked about in the previous segment
of the top three emails. This is a really good direct offer email. Now, we can’t send these out all the time, and we want to send it to a list of people who know who you are, so they take action on it, right? You probably send one every quarter, that’s probably the most,
but I got this email I’ll pan to it here on the screen. As I said before in previous shows, the best messaging starts
with a personal letter. A personal message and a personal letter, I think I talked about
one the previous episodes when I put a gun to your head saying, if you had to create a
marketing message that works, what would you do? And it was writing a personal
letter that said hey, to this person, if you have this problem, I’ve solved it, I have the
credibility to solve it, here’s how I can solve it for you, click here for me to help
solving that problem. And there was a wonderful
email that came across my desk from someone who I very much respect in the real estate industry
network that we’re in, Monica Reynolds, and she teaches a course for KW MAPS Coaching and how to have your perfect real estate assistant. So this, I would assume, went out to the whole MAPS Coaching
database or whatever it was, written by Monica, and
this is a personal email that simply explains, it starts off, “Just out of curiosity, are
you running your business, “or is your business running you?” – Oof!
– I mean, how is that for getting right to the pain!
(Scott grunts) The subject line is very benefit-driven, “Make real estate fun and easy again,” Monica has definitely been trained in the art of persuasion for a message. “In 1984, a friend
changed my life forever. “‘Monica,’ my friend
stated, ‘You need to have “‘an assistant,’ and I was
thinking, there’s no way.” So she goes right into a story that sucks them right
into the copy, I’m just, when I saw this, I’m so
excited as I’m reading this, I have to share this on the show! And she saw this problem, she
needed to have an assistant, and she’s telling a story throughout it, and she goes into how she’s
trained over 100,000 assistants, that she knows how to do it,
and she’s offering a program, and a simple, little, easy, click here now is the call to action at the very end to enroll in the course. It’s one of the best-written direct offer messages I’ve seen, and
if you want to write a direct message offer to your database to get someone to take action now, this is a great format to use. I would love to see a little
bit more success stories and testimonials here of other people, maybe there wasn’t room for
that, that’s one critique. Some more success stories of people that have been through
it, but besides that, it’s a wonderful framework
of problem solving, story telling, how you
can relate to the audience, your credibility, with an offer of how you can help that audience, or help the person reading that
message solve that problem. So Monica, great job,
that’s a wonderful email, I want to share it here on the show, and for anyone here watching this who wishes to model a
direct offer message, this is a good way to go. So that’s it for this
week’s Vyral Marketing Show episode number six, thank
you so much for joining us and tuning in to these longer shows, we just have a lot of
content to share with you, I think it’s very useful,
and after the years of, gosh, I’ve been doing this for 10 years, direct response, video
email marketing, just, immersing myself in the profession, and I want to share this
great stuff with you, along with my good friend Scott. – We love it.
– Yep, so we encourage you to subscribe to our show on iTunes, we’re on iTunes, we’re also on Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter, also, most importantly you need to
get notified by email, there’s our VIP email list, if you click the YouTube card up here
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we’re also going to do success stories, and you’ll get a copy of a very involved success story of how our clients that you can relate to are going through the
process of reconnecting with their database, and
communicating with it to get business, as well as other goodies that you get in our weekly newsletter, part of our VIP membership program. So, thank you so much for joining us, and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat funky music)

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