Episode 151: Developing A Marketing Strategy That Wins!
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Episode 151: Developing A Marketing Strategy That Wins!

– Hi, I’m Tiffany, your
host. Welcome back. Marketing is vital to the
success of any business, but more important than
your marketing efforts is your marketing strategy. Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber,
founder of SNR Creative, a boutique marketing and
business development firm that helps businesses develop and execute winning marketing
strategies and programs to scale and achieve greater results, is here today to share her top three tips on developing a marketing
strategy that works. – Thanks, Tiffany. A marketing strategy is
the overarching explanation of what you would like to achieve with your collective
marketing efforts or tactics. I liken a strategy to a long-term goal. It’s six-to-12 months,
maybe even 18 months, of what you would like to achieve and why you want to achieve it. When you’re ready to develop
your own marketing strategy, here’s what I think you
should keep in mind. Number one: get a firm grasp on why. Ask yourself, why are
you creating the strategy and what do you hope to achieve? Once you determine your why, I
think you can start the work, and you can go backwards to figure out, how can you get the results
that you really want? Number two: consider your audience. Without having a clear understanding of who you’re speaking to, I believe that you run the risk that your marketing messages
and tactics will fall flat. So, listening to your audience, going where they are to hear
the language that they use. What topics are they attached to? And then, serving that up is critical. Number three: be able to make adjustments. Marketing is a constant
and typically fast-moving, ever-changing thing,
so don’t be too rigid. Always be willing and ready to adapt to the market whenever you need to. Remember, when developing
your marketing strategy, you should always determine your why, you should consider your audience, and you should be prepared
to make adjustments as you go along. And before I go, I want to be very clear that a marketing strategy is different from a marketing plan. So if your strategy is 6-18 months, then your marketing plan
is the weekly, monthly and maybe even quarterly view. This is how you actually plan to achieve what you want to do. In other words, how do you
tactically execute so you can be sure that you fulfill
your strategic objectives? I feel too often that brands
aren’t very thoughtful and they rush to execution, so
they’re all about the tactics but they haven’t really
given a lot of thought into what’s going to happen at the end. And that’s where the strategy comes in. For more tips like
this, be sure to sign up at twicemediaproductions.com/subscribe, or visit me at www.snrcreative.com, and I can be found on all
social channels @SNRCreative. Thank you.

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