Episode 9: 6 of our favorite traditional loyalty and marketing strategies turned digital!
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Episode 9: 6 of our favorite traditional loyalty and marketing strategies turned digital!

– Hello everybody, thanks for joining us today. We are live again for our
weekly marketing tips show. So today I’m gonna share with you guys six customer loyalty, some of our favorite, six of our favorite
customer loyalty ideas, and that we have, and we also have a very
good after sale service blog that we’ll be sharing in the link below, in the link below in the description, but we’re gonna talk about
traditional marketing and loyalty strategies that
you can use for your business, and also had to modernize
those in today’s world. So you may be thinking what’s a traditional marketing strategy? Well my definition of one would be offering a reward system
via physical punch cards, which I have some of. You know, or it could be maybe having them check in
to your location on Facebook, and showing that they
did that on their phone that’s like a modern way of
doing a traditional check-in, but yeah, let’s go through
some more ideas that I have, so that you can see a
big return on investment on your strategies for
your small business. Okay so, and if you have any ideas
that you want to share that you currently do
at your local business, like say you offer a punch card, or you have a bowl with business cards or something like that, please share it with us in the comments. I’m sure a lot of people
who want to benefit will benefit from your ideas as well. But get your pen and papers ready because we’ve got seven
traditional marketing strategies and how to modernize
them in today’s world, but while I go through these, comment what ideas you have, and what has been working
for you in business. So the first one I want to talk about is business card bowls. So I have here a little pretend bowl, it’s just a mason jar but (laughs) but also there’s business cards in here. And the reason why is because
at your local business, or in your office, you can have a little bowl,
it can be as simple as this, where people leave their business cards, and you pick one at the end of the month, and they get a goody from you. Whether that’s if you have a restaurant, and that’s like a free entree, or bring your friends for some, you know, goodies or something like that, dessert, it’s a good always a good
way to make people excited, and it’s like a game and also whoever wins is gonna
share that on social media so that’s like combining
a modern strategy, which is social sharing
with a traditional, which is just leaving your
physical business cards in a bowl at your location. So this is very good. And then also we have punch cards. So a punch card would
be something like this. There is a business called Heyday, it’s a little restaurant downstairs, and you get two items free lunch when you get all of these punches. So I don’t know if you guys can see this, but if you collect all of these
then you get two items free. But this is really cool because it’ll get people to come back to get all these punches, these stamps (laughs) not punches, but I guess it’s a punch card, but all these stamps and, and then they’ll come back, and then you have repeat
business right there. But also they’ll come back and
they’ll get that free meal, and they might share it on social media. So that’s what you want. Digitally though, you can find ways to record that, whether it’s like, I don’t know, something I just thought
about could be them sharing, if they’re foodies, they could share your food on Instagram. If they share five times,
they get something, and if they show you on their phone, that’s more personalized as well, and it’s going out to the masses. So you can modernize
these traditional ways. It could be physical and in digital world. Just by thinking of these, and we have more ideas, so stay tuned. The third one is birthday shout outs. It makes people feel appreciated, and they’ll return and stay loyal, because you remember their birthday. So somebody that does this, or a company that does
this is Baskin-Robbins, as you can opt in and say it’s your birthday
on a specific day, and then you get a free
scoop of ice cream. So people come back to your
store on their birthday because they’ll get a goodie or they’ll get maybe a note
from you on their birthday if they’ve given you their address or something like that. It’s really easy to make, there’s little things that
will make your customers happy and they’ll want to be return customers and what you want. So let’s see, what else do we have? You could follow them on social media. So that’s a modern way of, that you have to show them love. I have a few restaurants in
the area that are following me, and that’s not because, I mean no I have gone there, but it’s really easy to follow people that maybe live in the vicinity where your business is located. You just go to the search
option on Instagram, and you look at some hashtags or some locations where
people have checked in, and if they’ve checked in your business, just follow them. It’ll make them feel appreciated, you can like some of their photos, and it let’s them know that you care. So next time, they’ll want to tag you, they’ll feel appreciated, they’ll want to take their friends there because you as a business
owner interacted with them, and they’ll feel like it’s cool, they have like a friendship
and a loyalty to that business. So another thing to do
is you could give a, you could do a contest or
a giveaway on Instagram, which by the way we’re running one, so check the link in our bio, or check some of our posts. We’re giving away up to $5000, so you could also give things away. And a way to do this would be by running an Instagram contest, by running, have them create a hashtag, or have them tag you in their photos or something like that, and a traditional way to do
this would just be contests, you could write the reward
on the jar or on the bowl, and they’ll just put in
their business cards, and then you pick one, and then they win. So that’s another way. And then we have a loyalty program. So you can collect business cards, and use those businesses cards, the email addresses in
those business cards, input them into your Infusionsoft system, and then you can create, you know, give them coupons online, you can send them emails, and personalized emails, segmented emails, you can create segmented lists, so it’s all a really cool way to connect with your customers and give them something back, and make them feel happy. So you have some, today we’ve talked about traditional ways, and today we’ve talked about how to combine those traditional to make the modern and
digital in today’s world, but also you know, how to modernize those in today’s world, and how to make people happy. So if you didn’t catch this live you can, or if you didn’t catch the whole thing, you can go back and watch it again. Again, this is another business card, it’s from a nail salon. You get five stamps and then
you can get one for free. So there’s different ways, and I have this as an
example, but also online, it helps people, it connects them, and you have the bigger audience. For more information about loyalty programs
and after sales services, please check out the
link in the description. We also have a guide, and we have multiple YouTube videos on a playlist you could learn from. So thank you guys for watching today, and if you have any cool ways that you could share
with us and our audience, go ahead and comment. Thank you for watching, and have a good weekend.

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