ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) | by Wall Street Survivor
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ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) | by Wall Street Survivor

what is an etf brought to you by wall street survivor calm do you know how to buy gold how about investing in a foreign market or following index like the Dow if you don’t you’re not alone find commodities investing in markets and following an index has been almost impossible due to high costs strict laws and other restrictions bummer right enter exchange-traded funds better known as ETFs ETFs are designed to follow the price of a specific basket of assets and are traded on the US stock exchanges you would buy ETFs exactly as you would stocks by entering the symbol and quantity just like stocks you can even use different order tags to buy and sell them ETFs are basically an easy and cheap way to gain exposure into a sector that would have otherwise been extremely difficult here’s jane jane wants to invest in gold she can do this a few ways she could buy a brick of gold or a gold coin or maybe melt down or jewelry but these ways are difficult and time-consuming or Jane could buy shares of a gold ETF like GLD which follows the market price of gold so you can do this for a fraction of the price and with much less effort let’s say Jane now wants to buy an index like the Dow Jones because she thinks the entire general market will go up jane could buy all 30 companies that make up the dow jones index for around $11,000 or jane could buy shares in an ETF that follows the doubt like dia for around 110 dollars here jane is exposed to the same index but paid a hundredth of the price and avoided the headache of buying 30 different stocks as you can see ETFs provides simple investment opportunities that would have been otherwise very difficult research and trade ETS for free with the ETF Center on Wall Street survivor calm

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21 thoughts on “ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) | by Wall Street Survivor

  1. loved the video! i have a video that talks about the same stuff! it'd be great if you could check it out! keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Great video. Our team at ETFguide publishes educational videos about ETF investing and the latest trends. Feel free to check out our videos and our site. Thanks!

  3. it doesn't explain what etfs are…how they're made? whose In charge? what moves them?…you just explained what to do with them but not how them came to be.

  4. This is much more easier to understand than those 10 mins explanation. at least I have some idea now. pretty information for really immature beginners like me.

  5. WOW, now i know an ETF and can go invest in one or more….thanks for making this simple and visual. Other videos leave me more confused than before…..this is amaxing give us more , more, more !!!!

  6. Thank you so much is an ETF guaranteed anyway that it will follow the index. for example the GLD ETF is it going to eat that it will follow the price of gold?

  7. Please check out this video about ETFs and mutual funds. This is very short and informative video

  8. Selecting ETFs Based on Cost Is Like Buying a House Based on Price per Square Foot

  9. I have tried buying and selling individual stocks, and got into reading prediction reports and company earnings. I found myself staring at line graphs, waiting for the right time to buy and sell.. it was extremely stressful, and was affecting my job.

    Unless you are willing to put in large amounts of time and effort into researching the right stocks, you can buy ETFs offered by investment firms that have teams of people research the best stocks that fit a specific sector. For an extremely small fee, you can feel confident investing in the stock market without having to spend as much time researching it.

    I would liken it to a mutual fund, except you can buy and sell as much as you want, whenever you want, and there are no caps as to how much you can make per year. You retain relative control of your money while also relying on the knowledge of financial professionals.

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