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EU Agencies Network

If you’re an EU citizen,
you’ll know a bit about the EU institutions, such as, how they work
and where they are situated. But, did you know
there are also specialised EU agencies? And they’re located across
the different countries of the EU. The EU agencies work with specific areas
that touch the lives of everyone in the EU: the medicines we take, the food we eat, the chemicals in our products,
in our surroundings, our education and that of our children, the quality of our working lives, our transport, our fundamental rights, yes and, even, satellites, are some of the areas in which the agencies make daily contributions to
improving the lives of Europe’s citizens. From the very south to
the very north of the EU, agencies have been set up
by the EU member states and the EU institutions to carry out
specific, legal, technical or scientific tasks. The agencies were created to respond to their particular needs and to help
implement EU policies more efficiently. They support innovation and IP protection, growth and jobs to make Europe
more competitive in a global marketplace. They also manage EU borders in line with the
EU Fundamental Rights Charter and help promote a fair and
equal society for everyone in the EU. They also bring Europe closer to its citizens and function as a source of
information available for all EU citizens. The network of 
EU agencies works alongside both  the main EU institutions
and the member states. In other words, they work together, working for you and for your future. EU Agencies Network

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