Event Marketing Strategy in the B2B Market Part 1
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Event Marketing Strategy in the B2B Market Part 1

Bringing in a professional spokesperson
was probably one of the best ideas that we had. In the past we’ve used our SMEs,
they have, you know, a whole head full of knowledge but sometimes presenting on a
large stage isn’t really their forte. As you’re coming into ProMat, this
is this was the first thing you saw. This is the first thing you felt,
the first thing you heard, this is effectively your first impression
of the entire show. That having somebody on stage presenting content was was
going to be very immersive, very engaging but also kind of position Honeywell
Intelligrated as as a thought leader in their space. When we were working with
our agency to come up with the various presentations and to script them, we
took great care in making sure that we brought her along in that process. The
content that she was providing was all scripted, but she came across as the most
knowledgeable person in the room to the point that even Honeywell Intelligrated
executives were saying, “She seems like the most intelligent person here. She
knows her stuff.” And that was effectively a reflection of of the preparation that we put into it. That we were able to write the content to effectively
the same level as somebody that might be inside the company. We found the tactic to be very successful. We have a way in our lead
capture software to be able to identify those attendees that came solely to see
the presentation, and those numbers were higher than we expected.
We really wanted to get people moving through the exhibit. We wanted to give it
kind of a natural sense of flow and motion so that people would hear the
the main presentation, but also start to learn about you know all the different
facets and all the different divisions and technologies that Honeywell Intelligrated has to offer. We also after the show took the PowerPoint presentations
and had her do voiceover, so that we could use those to further social
campaigns or email campaigns to help us with some awareness and and lead
nurturing after the show. So for us, you know it’s exciting to hear
that kind of feedback; to recognize that the hard work that we put into it, that
the thoughtful, intentional work that we put into it really helped our customers
accomplish their end goals.

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