Event Marketing Strategy in the B2B Market Part 2
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Event Marketing Strategy in the B2B Market Part 2

For Honeywell Intelligrated, going into
ProMat 2017, this would have been the first really major show in distribution
and fulfillment after our acquisition by Honeywell. So we faced some challenges
from a branding standpoint as we were still Intelligrated at the time. We were
telling a story that involves, you know, one company but multiple divisions
multiple technologies. And because of our dogged adherence to their brand, you
know, that consistency was built into everything that we had produced up to
that point. But when you look at the fact that most of our installations are miles
and miles of conveyors and sorters, to try to take that technology and those
solutions and put them into a booth in a meaningful way, that the attendees can
engage with us, becomes a bit of a challenge. The beauty of being able to
use some of those digital tools is that you’re able to tell a greater story than
you really can just in a demo in a booth. Through a digital tool, we can walk
someone through that experience so that they can better understand all of the
complexities and the components that would would exist in that. So as a whole,
you know, their presence at ProMat was was a very digital heavy presence. They
had lots of animation, lots of video, lots of on-screen touch screen apps for
people to engage with. Everything we did for this exhibit was was really to lead
people through this journey. This experience of who Honeywell
Intelligrated really is. It’s not just about the product, it’s not just about
their services, it’s about who you’re dealing with. And we’ve really seen a
change over the years on the material handling side with the level of attendee
coming to these shows. It’s a little higher up the food chain and you have
people that are at a VP or a CEO level who are making larger business
decisions. Who want to see the overall solutions, not just one piece of it.
Digitally is a great way to be able to tell that story cohesively across the
organization. This is what their expectation is: that they’re going to
have some sort of a digital experience and we felt like that was a way to
address the multiple different levels of attendee that were visiting the booth.

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