Examples of 5 Marketing Tagline Types
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Examples of 5 Marketing Tagline Types

Welcome! Claire Eby here founder of brandmentoring.com and Denver marketing consultant. Love them or hate them,
company taglines are a powerful branding tool. But sadly I
see a lot of small businesses without a tagline. They might have a very lovely
logo but they don’t take the opportunity to put a tag line below it to say
something more about their business. So today we’re going to cover the five
basic tagline types and I’ll give you some examples to inspire you. First
tagline type is a benefit tagline. It’s the workhorse of tag lines and it
usually focuses in on a customer benefit. A great example of a benefit tag line
would be Princess Cruises and their tagline is “Come back new”. Three words
that’s it. Second tagline type is a descriptive
tagline and descriptive tag lines are really good for businesses that maybe
have a name, such as a coined name or concept name that doesn’t express you know the
business that they’re in. So they can use a descriptive tagline to help explain
that. So a good example of a descriptive tagline is this restaurant here in Denver
that serves breakfast all day and it’s called Snooze. And so their tagline is, “An
AM eatery.” Very simple, describes what they do.
The third tagline type is superlative and these are so easy to spot because
they’re very bold and they basically say we’re the best at whatever it is they do. So they’re good to use if you can truly claim superiority. And so a famous
example would be BMW and their, “Ultimate driving machine.”
The fourth tagline type is the provocative tagline. These can be the
hardest to write but they can also be the most memorable because they
typically are a play on words or they might be a pointed question or just
thought-provoking. The Wounded Warrior Project has beautiful
tagline and it is, “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” That really makes you
stop and think. The last tagline type is a take an action and it’s basically
telling your reader to do something. So they’ll often start with with a verb. And
so two great examples of a take an action tagline are WeWork with their, “Do what
you love” and Travelocity with their tagline, “Wander wisely” I just love
wander wisely…just two words, alliteration…it’s brilliant. So I hope
that this inspires you and if you could leave me in the comments a few ideas of
some of YOUR favorite tag lines I would love to read them. Thanks for watching!

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