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Executive Internship Program

[Music] The Executive Intern Program at Fisher is
a program for juniors and seniors, where we pair them up with executives on campus to
mentor and professionally develop our students. I wanted to establish the Executive Intern
Program to give students an insight into the workings of higher education. So on one hand it gives them exposure to work
in a higher education environment, on the other hand it gives them exposure to what
the critical issues are that some of the key areas of the campus are dealing with. So in establishing it I really wanted to give
them an opportunity to have an internship in place on campus with some of our campus
leaders that hopefully would give them an insight into the work of higher education,
to the critical issues that higher education is facing, and to let them see the campus
that they are apart of in a different light. The Office of Student Affairs we coordinate
big events on campus such as Commencement, Orientation, and Family Weekend. For example, for Family Weekend I create all
the marketing materials for it such as the information booklet and all the posters that
students will see around campus. It’s very hands on, you get to basically
shape your own day, create the goals you want to accomplish and you also get to meet some
very great people and make connections with other professionals. As a marketing major I’m considering going
into the field of market research, and my big project for Institutional Advancement
is going to be a project pretty much doing market research and trying to figure out a
way to better connect our students to our donors and alumni. Because I love event planning and as a freshman
and sophomore I would attend all of these events here on campus but now sitting here
as a senior I am able to work with the directors and different administrators and see all the
work that they do day after day to plan all these events and make them run smoothly. So I think one of the main goals of the Executive
Intern Program at first was to be able to expose students to higher education and have
them have the opportunity to learn more about different careers that you can have within
higher education. So, I think it’s a great opportunity for
anyone in general, you know depending, it doesn’t matter what major you are whether
it’s science or business you really are able to learn that there’s so many careers
within higher education that you don’t really think about. This is a really unique program that Fisher
has. I think it really speaks to our leadership
that we have here at the College, and the opportunities that students have to mentor
with our VP’s and all the executives, the opportunities they have to interact with our
Board of Trustees. There are so many skills that they can build
and compliment their academic experience that will really make them great Fisher alum down
the line. Students should apply to the Executive Intern
here; it is a unique opportunity at Fisher for students. It is another opportunity for an internship
on campus, and I think students from any discipline can apply to any of the areas, truly. It really is a good opportunity for students
to learn the inter-workings of the College, of higher education, from an administrative
and operational standpoint. In the future we hope to see this program
really expand. We hope to reach out to other offices and
recruit them to be involved and have interns in their offices. Some programs we hope to reach out to is Financial
and Academic Affairs, as well as Enrollment Management. [Music]

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