Exit Indicators You Probably Hadn’t Considered | Forex & Stock Market Indicators
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Exit Indicators You Probably Hadn’t Considered | Forex & Stock Market Indicators

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45 thoughts on “Exit Indicators You Probably Hadn’t Considered | Forex & Stock Market Indicators

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  4. What should be the settings of chandelier stop in Indian market or for Nifty 50? Bcoz default setting and another setting is not working

  5. Очeнь и очень полeзнaя инфoрмaция,, попробуeм примeнить ee на делe..

  6. Always gets some good knowledge from your video thanks a lot for your love thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart love you sir

  7. I have been following your videos for more than a mounth. Thanks a lot. But you never ever talking about optimization of the indicators. How can we calculate optimal values of this indicator in order to achieve max. Profit factor? Maybe Back tests do not reflects for the future trends. But at least data is data.

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  9. Recession proof stock??? BGS has a dividend yield of 9.87%. What? B&G Foods, Inc.is a holding company, which engages in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of shelf-stable frozen food, and household products in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Its products include frozen and canned vegetables, hot cereals, fruit spreads, canned meats and beans, bagel chips, spices, seasonings, hot sauces, and wine vinegar.

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  11. Forex is one of the best place to make money. It's no secret that the forex market can be highly unpredictable but it's also very profitable.

  12. I love the channel but could you master out the sharpness on your “s”s when you talk? It’s making my ears bleed

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  14. Thanks for your useful videos full of informations, can you please confirm if this two indicators can also work on forex trading strategies like scalping intra day and swing trading?

  15. One of the most exciting indicators I have seen. But what inputs should we use on Chandalier in Cryptocurrency Markets?? Since open market days are different from stocks and there are more volatility?

  16. Is that a desktop app you're using? I tried to download it but I couldn't find it. Can you put a link for the desktop app?

  17. what time frame did you use on, i tried it in intraday on 5 min chart but it didn't comeout well

  18. Thanks for sharing. It will be another good tool to help us stay longer in the trade or exit when we should. Thanks! Can you use the Chandelier Exit in day trading too and if so what's your favorite parameter? Still the 12, 22, 3?

  19. Oh Man, you are my savior. I have been looking for this kind of an indicator for so many days and finally found it here. Thanks a ton, keep up the great job you are doing. You give incredible amount of information and value to new traders like me. Looking forward to more of such knowledge…… Again thanks a ton…..

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