Experiential Learning at OCAD University
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Experiential Learning at OCAD University

My name is Natalie
Black, and I’m enrolled at OCAD University in
the advertising program. The fourth year of the advertising program is really beneficial to people as, it’s a taste of the real world. They bring in real
clients, with real briefs, and it allows students to understand what working in an
advertising agency is like. Towards the end of the year, we’ll have a master’s presentation. For example, this year, we’ve
worked with the Red Cross, and Hershey’s, coming up
with different concepts that we’ll be presenting at a master’s. I feel like this experience
is really beneficial for me, as I got work with real professors, that have experience within
the advertising industry, and they prepared me to get an internship within an advertising agency,
as well as my classmates for what’s to come upon graduation. I’m Lee Fay, I’m a student
in the Industrial Design Program at OCAD University. I did my placement at Anani. The experience I had in Anony, is actually one of the
most important one I had in the OCAD University, because at Anony, I actually get to know how
the real design process is. How do you get from generating ideas to meeting your clients. Doing alternations to
drawing for manufacturing. Getting manufacturing and
to the marketing point. So I would say, the chance I had at Anony actually give me a really
really precious experience with real world industry. My name is Ishkhan Ghazarian. I’m the recipient of the 2018
Parks Canada Career Launcher. At my paid internship at
Rouge National Urban Park, I’m tasked with
photographing the landscapes, the wildlife, and events. I was able to work out in the forest, extruding from helicopters, and photographing landscapes
from the different parks. My job has impacted my career
as it’s taught me how to work in different environments, with different lighting conditions, with different subjects on the go. And at the end of my term there, I was able to have a
gallery show right here at OCAD University. If you had any doubts or questions, feel free to follow
the link, and ask away.

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