Experiential Marketing | Experiential Marketing With Examples | Hindi | Marketing Series
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Experiential Marketing | Experiential Marketing With Examples | Hindi | Marketing Series

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual indies and today we will talk about Experential marketing Experential marketing means to experience something before buying the product The first example that hits my mind is the Ceragem You guys might know or might not know about the ceragem, What is ceragem? Ceragem is the machine for your internal body healing So, what their marketing strategy? They call you in their center tells you to wait and have an experience of their service for free For two months Or till you don’t get satisfied from their machine/service They have like 50 machines in their centre People go there and have an experience of the machine actualy what happens there Because of their free service, the center is always crowded So if they have a potential buyer who have money to buy it and have experienced it for a month and felt satisfied. so what he did, he bought that product They also have EMI options and different mode of payments let talk about another example apart from ceragem Coca-cola started a new campaign in USA in which they put a can A big can, one which “Hug me” was written Whenever someone hug that can, can turned that hug into a coke . Can turned that hug into a coke . so that was their strategy of experiential marketing Some company release a experiential video Dubai tourism show us a video of an plane jumping experience the excitement video of top to bottom The actually shoot a proffesional video edit it, and present it to you which is now also available in VR and because of that you can experience in more depth So, the people who want to experience it in real life, they will go there and experience it Which means, they will buy their service Now what you have to do is Think whether you are a product industry or service industry and how i can use this experiential marketing in my business i have talked about service industry, lets talk about product industry Take an example of Mc Cain They will serve you outside Bigbazaar or different store for free to have an experience of their unique crisp and taste with sauce Sauces industry will serve you their different type of sauces with snacks. and they will tell you that if you like it you can buy this sauce from this outlet also This is all Experential marketing Now i leave this up-to you, how you can relate experiential marketing with your business If you have this sort of business and you have an idea about what you want to experince please do comment in comment section we will discuss about its feasibility. with this, lets finish this video. I hope you understood this video but still if you any doubts, you can ask me in a comment section dont forget to like, share adn do leave your example of experential marketing Bye, Good afternoon and stay blessed

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15 thoughts on “Experiential Marketing | Experiential Marketing With Examples | Hindi | Marketing Series

  1. Hi I'm Raghavendra from Bangalore, I own a rabbit farm which is basically produced for Meat purpose and fur purpose and I have to sell meat for hotels and fur for textile industry, so how to market this one and how should I get into meat business. Everyone wants to taste new dishes with variety, so how can I come up with this. Plz help me in ur view

  2. Nyc vdo….. Par choti hai yrr….. Mera experincial marketing ka xperince hai wid Basskin Robins dey had der inaugration done in a mall near ma residence so dey dey distributed free ice cream per person of r own choice though m nt grt fan of BR bt stil free ka maal kon chorta hai so i had it…… Vdo achi par lambi rakho vdo 5min to rakha karo…… Appreciated

  3. Sir I am student of computer engineering 1st sem can you give me some suggestions for how I start my own business for soft development

  4. I don't have any experience in this field bt I veers off my career in e-commerce business.any suggestions??what should I do?

  5. Sir, i want to do business of online fruits and vegitables in a particlar area. Whow can i use experiantionl marketing? Your suggestion will help me lot.

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