Explore an Internship through the Curtin Business School
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Explore an Internship through the Curtin Business School

>>My advice to students that are thinking
about doing the Business Internship unit would be to definitely do it. I feel like from the beginning we’ve been set up to succeed by enrolling in this unit. As part of the internship there
were a few projects that we were able to work on. One of them was a newspaper
ad which I worked quite closely with the Elaine to produce. So I used a few of my
technical skills with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create a few promotional
ads. So it was selecting some images and copy and working quite closely with Elaine to produce those, which was really fun.>>So Curtin University managed to find me
an intern and without the hard work that I would have expected when I was just, if I wanted to hire somebody myself. They did pre-interviews, they took a brief, they actually met the brief
and then presented me with sort of the perfect fit for my business. I would
definitely take on an intern again I think and it was quite an easy process
and you know not a headache at all.>>One of the projects that we worked on at
Henry and Oliver was assisting with the digital side of the business. So we were
able to work with Elaine to form a campaign using Google AdWords which was
something that I had previously had a little bit of experience with through
doing a unit at Curtin.>>Having an intern you know you do fear that you might have somebody that you’ll have to handhold and spend an awful lot of time with but
actually I found that the more time I spent with Tamara, the more beneficial it
was to my business because I gave her a brief when she first came
in and she really got it. And we were able to work really closely together to
actually evolve my brand and take it to where it is now so from it’s very infancy to now. And she’s stayed on, I’ve actually highered her now as a staff
member and so she’s now you know helping me grow my business further and
hopefully for many years to come.

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