Explore and travel with the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program
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Explore and travel with the New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

>>The New Colombo Plan is an Australian
government funding initiative designed to mobilise Australian students to go
and study overseas in the Southeast Asia or Asia-Pacific region.>>I got an email
one day asking me if I wanted to work in paradise basically and I’m like, of course
sign me up. They asked me for an interview and from
the strength of that later on in the week I got offered the position.>>An internship in the Maldives, like how often does that happen, so I was like, I’ll give
it a try.>>I was just looking for general internships even around Perth, anything
like that to get some experience, so obviously getting this was incredible.>>It was a fantastic opportunity to be embedded within the tourism industry in
the Maldives. These students were able to stay at the resorts that they were
working at, which gave them a fantastic insight into how a seven star resort
operates and functions.>>It was at One and Only which is an ultra luxury
resort, which is absolutely breathtakingly phenomenal.>>It’s a five-star hotel, it’s one of the best in the world, it was incredibly beautiful.
There’s about 800 colleagues on the island, for about 34 nationalities, that
gave you an opportunity to speak to someone from a different place from all
corners of the globe.>>We got given some awesome projects to
work on, which not only were fun but actually developed some real personal
skills and professional skills too.>>Just seeing it in real life was unreal.>>So I was working in HR two weeks and then I was working in L&D, Learning and Development, for
two weeks. It was an incredible experience. It was really really special.>>I learnt a lot of practical stuff of Human Resources, the basic theory work that I’ve
learnt how it’s applied within a workplace. It’s just made me like
inspired, I guess.>>All of the New Colombo Plan mobility
opportunities give the students an opportunity to receive credit towards
their degree, so it actually fast tracks their studies and allows them to
complete professional placement while getting an international experience.>>It’s exciting to know that I can travel the world with my degree and do what I
want to do.>>Any internship or work experience makes you far more employable
after you graduate, but something that’s been done in an international context
adds that next level to your CV.>>Go for it, make the most of it. It’s a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, really.>>I would 100% recommend it. I just think it was
the best time of my life.

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