Exploring international internships with Curtin Business School
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Exploring international internships with Curtin Business School

This has been a wonderful experience working with Curtin Business School. I think this is a really important event, which you can probably see happening behind me. What the event is all about is trying to give international students an opportunity to deal directly with potential employers, internship opportunities. It’s an idea to to try and enable them to be able to get into the workplace a lot easier and find that opportunity once they get out of study. Days like today for the Chamber of Commerce and for the Curtin Business School team just show that students are really engaged, they really want to undertake internship placements, they want to get experience. It’s so important today for students to have internships as part of their undergraduate degree. It gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and when employers are looking at CVs today they’re really interested to see that students have not only studied but have also gone out into the world and worked in real organizations and real businesses. Students tell us that it’s a great service that the University offers them to meet with potential employers and what’s important, not only employees here in Western Australia, but given the importance of globalisation, they have opportunities in China and also they tell us that some of the companies that are coming to talk to them, particularly companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, these are really very important international brands and students get really excited about the possibility of having internships with these kinds of companies. Everyone’s saying that they have a really good experience and that they’re actually really busy there looking for opportunities. I think today’s event is great. It’s a platform for us to get close to our career. Well it’s really an honour to have the privilege to get an internship from these companies, that some are in Perth, some are in China. I appreciate that Curtin’s hosted this event for students like us to hand in our resume for the global companies and give us more opportunity to gain more experience. Today we met a lot of Curtin students and I think they are very proactive to participate in this sort of event. This is very, also very helpful for us to find ideal candidates for our companies. I’m really glad to attend a career expo like this and I was amazed with the quality of students that are from Curtin University.

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