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19 thoughts on “Facebook Ads on A Budget (The 3 Campaigns You Need To Know In 2019)

  1. Can your paid training for real estate agents be used for converting real estate and mortgage affiliate offers?

  2. Thanks because I'm just getting ready as a beginner like last week , that's why I started watching u cuz you seem FOCUSED on your niche

  3. I have watched countless YouTube vids of people "offering" information only to be plied into buying some garbage antiquated webinar. I am so surprised you do not have at least a few hundred thousand followers. Thank you for sharing your content.

  4. Jason, I have left a few messages on Youtube, Facebook and your Arsenal website and haven't heard back from anyone yet. I have a couple questions about your program before I purchase. I am ready to buy but I need some clarification. Jason Metz

  5. Very good video again Jason:) About lead and traffic you talk about send them to a landing page for leads in both situations? I haven't understood the difference leads vs traffic except for the point about conversion it costs $5 per lead and spends $5 is better to go for traffic. You have any video about conversion?

  6. Mahalo (thank you) for all the tips and also the detailed explanations. Will check out your other videos now.

  7. Sir, you are great.
    I'm a Facebook Ads beginner, actually, I have binge-watched videos on Facebook Ads and I have done a digital marketing course too.

    Long story short,
    I have learned Facebook Ads now, I want to earn money through Facebook ads.

    I'm thinking about doing freelancing, what do you think?


    Please add a translation of Urdu closed captions, I will really appreciate it.

    Love from Pakistan ❤🇵🇰

  8. Hello Jason,
    I have a small new business in Romania with accessories like bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. and I don't know what campaigns I need to use. Do you have some tips for me? Any help is good for me.

  9. This video was amazing…you gave me great ideas to build my custom audience in stages…Thank you I appreciate you 🙇🏾‍♂️🙏🏾

  10. Hi, Jason. Thanks for your great content. I just have one question. So basically you say its not profitable to sell products online on shopify if its selling for 50 euros(30euros in equity)(im located in europe) and use facebook and instagram marketing? Did I understand right?

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